Hillary Clinton Phoenix Rally Live Stream: Dem Frontrunner Looks To Deal Bernie Sanders Key Arizona Setback

Hillary Clinton will venture into Arizona on Monday where she will stage a rally that will stream live from Phoenix the day before that state’s Democratic primary, a primary that has taken on a new importance as the 85 available delegates there may represent a do-or-die proposition for the struggling campaign of Clinton’s primary opponent, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

At a rally in Tucson, Arizona, on Thursday, Sanders told 7,000 of his enthusiastic followers that he believes that he can defeat Clinton in Arizona, and pleaded with them to make sure that their friends and loved ones all get out to vote for him.

Also on Monday, though Bernie Sanders declined to speak at the pro-Israel group AIPAC’s Washington, D.C. conference, Hillary Clinton addressed the group and used much of her speech to attack Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. Watch Clinton’s AIPAC speech in the video below.

But, while polling in Arizona has been sparse, polls there tell a very different story. Clinton appears to hold an enormous lead in a state where Latino residents make up 30 percent of the population, the sixth-highest percentage of any state in the nation.

Latino voters have proven to be a significant source of strength for the Hillary Clinton campaign. In last Tuesday’s Florida primary, Clinton won more than 70 percent of the Latino vote, as she did in Texas as well. Florida and Texas are the states ranking third and second respectively in the percentage of Latino residents.

Trailing Hillary Clinton by 329 delegates — not including the “soft” superdelegate total — Sanders must not only defeat her in Arizona, and almost every upcoming primary state, but he must win by large margins. His ability to connect with Latino voters and bring them into his fold will be sorely tested in the Arizona primary.

Sanders packed in three rallies in Arizona this week and has one more scheduled for Flagstaff on Monday, just hours after Clinton appears in Phoenix. Clinton’s rally could be seen as her attempt to deliver a knockout punch to Sanders in the state where in the most recently released poll, she leads Sanders by 30 percentage points.

Watch a live stream of the Hillary Clinton rally in Phoenix, Arizona, on Monday, March 21, in the video below. Doors at Carl Hayden Community High School at 3333 West Roosevelt Street in Phoenix open at 1:30 p.m., and a live stream of the Clinton speech is expected to begin at around 3:30 local time, which is the same as Pacific Time, because Arizona does not recognize Daylight Savings. The rally live stream will go online at about 6:30 Eastern Time.

One voter group in which Clinton continues to trail Sanders is voters under 30 years of age. But Clinton’s appearance on the Comedy Central show Broad City was designed to help make inroads with that group. Watch the Hillary Clinton Broad City appearance on the video below.

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While much analysis in the media has focused on the enthusiasm of young and lower-income Sanders supporters, voters who back Hillary Clinton have not only been greater in number than those who cast ballots for Sanders — Clinton led the popular vote total after March 15 by more than 2.5 million votes, a gap of about 17 percent — but they are just as enthusiastic, if significantly less vocal, according to an analysis published in The New Republic magazine this week.

Hillary Clinton Rally Live Stream supporters
Hillary Clinton supporters are just as enthusiastic as those backing Bernie Sanders, according to one new analysis (Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images)

“It’s certainly curious to presume, as many do, that Clinton’s supporters are somehow less enthusiastic than Sanders’s are. How is enthusiasm measured, if not by actual vote count?” wrote columnist and author Eric Sasson.

“Perhaps this is why her supporters are coming out for her in such strength: to assert their existence in the face of a narrative that both overlooks them and disparages their candidate.”

The rally in Phoenix is the only public rally currently on the schedule for Hillary Clinton ahead of March 22, a date on which Arizona goes to the polls along with Utah and Idaho on the same day.

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