Middle-Aged Couple High On Bath Salts Shoot At Imaginary Villians And Invade Neighbor’s Home

A middle-aged North Carolina couple allegedly got high on bath salts and left their home in a frenzy, shooting at imaginary gangsters and invading the home of a neighbor. Donna Jean Walls, 49, and Phillip Dwayne Walls, 50 allegedly took bath salts which caused the Kings Mountain couple to enter a paranoid state of hallucination and delusion, the Daily Mail reports.

After consuming the synthetic bath salts drugs the middle-aged couple allegedly invaded the home of their next door neighbor armed with multiple knives and guns. The Walls’ allegedly believed that a gang was camped out under their home preparing to attack the couple.

The Walls’ called 911 after taking supposedly taking bath salts, to alert local law enforcement officers about the “gang” of enemies preparing to attack them. The North Carolina couple went outside with a “bag of weapons” fired off several rounds and then invaded the home of Pastors Richard and Debra Robinson.

The Robinson’s son had spoken with Phillip Dwayne Wall earlier the same evening and then called his parents concerned that “something wasn’t right” with their neighbor.

“There are people under our house. They were there yesterday and last night.” Phillip Dwayne Walls stated during the 911 phone call.

As Pastor Richard Robinson went to his front door to see if “anything strange” was going on next door, Donna Jean and Phillip Dwayne Walls burst through the entryway and waved their weapons in the air.

“They just came stumbling in, waving a gun like someone was after them. She was delusional. She was acting like a wild animal,” Pastor Debra Robinson told the Gaston Gazette.

The middle-age couple was later arrested for ingesting bath salts and several weapons violations, according to the Daily Mail. The bag the Walls’ carried contained wigs, jewelry, a .44 caliber revolver and a 9 mm pistol. Phillip Dwayne and Donna Jean Walls had been members of the Robinson’s Time Revival Worship Center, but recently dropped out of the church. The Robinson’s were able to calm the couple allegedly high on bath salts and prayed with their neighbors until the police arrived to arrest them.