Donald Trump’s Sister The Latest Victim Of Threats Following Eric Trump’s White Powder Mail Scare

The day after Donald Trump’s son Eric received a threatening letter in the mail that contained a suspicious white powder, Donald Trump’s older sister also received a threat letter of her own. Trump’s sister, appeals court judge Maryanne Trump Barry, found the threatening letter at her Philadelphia home just one day after Eric Trump received the suspicious white powder letter in his mail in New York City. Police are currently trying to determine if both letters came from the same individual or separate parties.

The Daily Mail reports that Donald Trump’s sister Maryanne Trump Barry received a threatening letter in the mail on Friday. The letter was received just one day after Trump’s son Eric received a similarly threatening letter which contained an unknown white powder substance. Reports indicate that police were called to Eric Trump’s New York apartment when his wife opened a letter and white powder fell out. In addition to the white powder, a letter containing threats against presidential candidate Donald Trump’s five children was also included. The letter indicated that if Donald Trump did not drop out of the presidential race, his five children would be in danger.

The latest threat letter sent to Trump’s sister Maryanne did not contain white powder but did contain a letter with a series of threats. The police have not released details on the exact nature of the threats; however, it was disclosed that police are currently trying to determine if the threat letter to Maryanne Trump Barry was sent by the same mailer as the Eric Trump threat letter.

According to MSNBC, the police were called to the home of the 78-year-old sister of Donald Trump on Friday following the receipt of a threatening letter. Trump’s older sister is an appeals judge with the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit and has been described by Ted Cruz as Donald Trump’s “partial birth abortion supporting sister.” It is not clear if the letter contained threats against the presidential hopeful, his family or the sister but with police investigating connections with the Eric Trump letter it seems the letter is in regards to Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency. An investigator close to the case suggested the content of the letter was very similar to that received by Eric Trump.

“There was no white powder sent to Trump Barry, although the threat included in her letter was similar to that given to Eric Trump.”

The letter received by Eric Trump was postmarked from Massachusetts, but the police have not disclosed the origin of Maryanne Trump Barry’s letter. Interestingly, the threatening letters to Trump’s sister and son come just days after the hacktivist group Anonymous pledged to take down Trump. The group claims they will expose Trump’s secrets and end his bid for the presidency.

What do you think of the threatening letters received by Donald Trump’s sister and son?

[Photo by JASON SZENES/AP Photo]