Amber Smith: ‘Snapped’ Airs Small Town Bedroom Murder Of Levering, Michigan Man On Oxygen

Amber Smith, a Levering, Michigan, woman who police say shot her fiancée, Trenton Mallory, in bed as he slept two years ago, is the prime focus for Sunday’s Snapped. The Inquisitr has been dedicated to keeping you up to date with ripped from the headlines news stories that are often featured in documentary TV series. This week’s Snapped will tell the story of a small town woman who thought she’d concocted the perfect plan to get rid of her fiancée, but tenacious police detectives worked hard to bring the ice-cold killer to justice. For her heinous act, Amber Rose Smith was sentenced to life in prison in a Michigan correctional facility.

The death of 36-year-old Trenton Mallory didn’t make many news headlines outside of Michigan, but the people of Levering couldn’t stop talking about it. A small country town south of Mackinaw City and North of Petoskey, Levering has just over 1,200 residents. It’s the kind of place where mom and pop stores still thrive. So, when the townspeople heard about the death of Trenton Mallory, naturally, most of the community was shocked and concerned, the Snapped episode will reveal.

The 911 call that came in that day in March, 2014, sounded like a robbery had taken place at the home on Pleasantview Road in Center Township. The woman who had made the frantic call was 28-year-old Amber Smith, who told police that she’d been out running errands when she returned home and found the house in disarray. She was too afraid to search the house, since an intruder could have still been lurking inside. The police needed to get out there right away because Amber had left her fiancée inside the home, and he hadn’t answered her when she called out to him.

When investigators made it to the scene, they found the body of a young white male in his bed in the master bedroom with a gunshot wound to the head. The covers were pulled all the way up over his head, and the room had been terribly ransacked. Amber Smith’s explanation of what happened didn’t seem plausible. And when they looked a little deeper behind the couple’s relationship, they learned that they were having problems, including financial difficulties. Court records show that Amber Smith had a secret gambling problem that was eating away at the couple’s finances. In addition to the gambling problem and the outstanding payday loans, the mounting hospital bills were pulling the couple under the water.

In the initial investigation, there was not a lot to go on. There were no witness and not much physical evidence to tie Amber Smith to the crime. But, police got a break after they located the gun used to kill Trenton Mallory buried in a snow mound that lined her sister’s driveway, according to UpNorthLive. Amber Smith was arrested and later found guilty of premeditating and carrying out the murder of her fiancée.

Oxygen’s Snapped will recount how Amber Smith’s mother had introduced her to Trenton Mallory, a guy who seemed like the perfect man for her daughter. Plus, Amber Smith needed some help taking care of her sick son. In the beginning, Trenton and Amber seemed like a solid couple. Everyone who knew Trenton loved him and saw what kind of father he was to the two boys, including Amber’s biological son. And to think that she came into Trenton’s life only to murder him is the kind of cruelty that no one can understand. Amber Smith may have had other people fooled about her bogus robbery story, but Trenton’s mother, Debbie Mallory, knew that she was behind the killing. She stated the following, according to Petoskey News.

“There is no good reason we are here today… I don’t understand why it had to come to this, but it is here and it is real and I truly have never had a hole so big in my heart… I knew (on the day of the murder) you were the one who took him from us. Your actions have changed so many lives, first and most important (the boys). You took their dad, their hero… You will be sitting in a prison cell where you belong, because for some unknown reason you were selfish on the morning of March 6, 2014. May you rot in hell for all the lives you changed, because we all live in a hell every day we have to live without (Mallory).. a gentle soul who would have done anything for anyone. The world lost a very special person all because you were evil, greedy and just plain selfish.”

To get even more details about the investigation, turn your channels to #Snapped tonight at 9/8 p.m. central on Oxygen. Last week, Snapped covered the case of Heather and Kevin Miller.

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