Erin Everett, Tory Minnick: ‘Snapped’ Profiles Lesbian Murder Case Out Of Jerome, Pennsylvania

Erin Everett, the lesbian woman who shot and bludgeoned her girlfriend, Tory Minnick, to death in a house in Pennsylvania five years ago, is the next compelling murder case to be presented on Oxygen Network’s Snapped. Snapped is a riveting documentary series that profiles cases of the deadliest women. In tonight’s episode, entitled, “Erin Everett,” viewers will get a sense of what the town of Jerome is like, as well as background information on Erin Everett, her family, and what could have possibly driven the small town girl to kill. On the show, you’ll hear commentary from Erin’s mom, the prosecutor in the case, as well as others.

The murder of 21-year-old Tory Elizabeth Minnick happened in March of 2011. It was a day that Erin Everett’s mother will never forget since that was the day that she received a dreadful phone call from her daughter while at church. It was also the day that the poor mother learned that her daughter would become known to the world as a killer.

Police officers were dispatched after receiving a call about a possible home invasion that had taken place in Jerome. When police arrived at the scene located at 141 5th street, they found the body of a young white female lying naked in a pool of blood at the base of the stairs. Police learned that the victim was Tory Minnick — a woman who lived at the residence with her girlfriend, Erin, and her girlfriend’s parents.

Erin Everett explained that her one and true love was attacked with a hammer by a masked intruder. As police processed the scene, it didn’t appear that anything of value was taken, other than a human life. Seasoned investigators began to wonder if Erin was telling the truth about what really happened.

It turned out that she wasn’t. She finally admitted that she had killed her girlfriend after she found out that Tory was going to go back to her boyfriend. Not only that, Erin stated that she waited about 20 minutes as Tory slept before she decided to get her dad’s gun and shoot Tory to death as she slept.

Knowing that her mother would be returning home soon, Erin Everett tried to get Tory’s dead body out of the house before it could be discovered. Moving the body had been harder than she’d expected. Not being able to drag the body any further, Erin left it at the base of the stairs and proceeded to bash Tory’s head in with a hammer.

The crime scene was bloody and undeniably violent. Erin’s mother could not believe that her shy daughter — who was always so laid back — could be a killer, and right there in the home that she shared with her parents.

Erin indicated that in addition to her growing jealousies, the relationship that she had with Tory was abusive, one that included a lot fighting, screaming, and arguing, according to WTAE.

“Minnick would visit her own home in Meyersdale more frequently and abused Everett verbally, Everett testified. The couple argued about money and relationships — specifically that Minnick had started seeing an ex-boyfriend again — and Everett said Minnick would use rolled up magazines wrapped in duct tape to beat her.”

“She was still making noises. I got a hammer and I hit her in the head,” Everett stated. Erin’s mother did not approve of the lesbian relationship, since it went again their faith. And she wanted to protect and watch over her daughter, which was the main reason why she allowed Tory to move in with them. Who could have known that it was actually Tory that needed the protection.

This week’s Snapped is one that you shouldn’t miss. Tune in tonight at 9/8 p.m. central. Recently, Inquisitr brought you the story of Brynn Hartman, which also featured on Snapped.

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