Marijuana Infused Nutella Now Exists, Chrontella Now Available

A company that specializes in weed infused edibles has found a way to take the most delectable sandwich spread, the famed Nutella, and combine it with one of Colorado’s favorite recreational pastimes, marijuana. The creation, known as Chrontella, seems like a fictional product from a movie. However, Chrontella is a very real thing now, available for sale in select cannabis retail outlets in Canada.

The tradition of baking marijuana into edible treats is a grand tradition among weed aficionados. However, with the legalization in some states within the United States, many culinary entrepreneurs have spread their wings and attempted recipes that have not been tried before, to some success, and have started to market their delicacies in places where marijuana recreational use is legal. It is not yet known whether Chrontella will make it to the United States, or if it will remain in Canada.

According to Metro, Chrontella has 300mg of cannabis extract within each plastic jar, intermixed with the Nutella. Although it is not clear whether the Nutella is the real deal or an imposter brand, many fans of marijuana foods have made their appreciation known and are willing to give Chrontella a try regardless of its authenticity.

Vice shares that the edible scene is blowing up right now. The makers of Chrontella also have a peanut butter spread called Pif, which combines Jif Peanut Butter with cannabis extract. Both marijuana infused edibles cost approximately $23 per jar and contain enough of the spreads inside for about three servings.

Jamie Carlton, manager of Qualimeds Dispensary, is excited about the introduction of Chrontella and Pif.

“It’s taken the cannabis community by storm. It’s not just a cookie. Now I can medicate with my morning toast.”

The price is a little steep for three tiny servings of marijuana infused Nutella or Peanut Butter, but many weed connoisseurs don’t seem to mind at all. In addition to Pif and Chrontella, the company also offers a strawberry Jam called “Smokers.”

A search of the hashtag #Chrontella reveals a growing excitement for the product. Kevin W.S. Kan could not hide his excitement.


A retail outlet that sells Chrontella was careful to give the product prime placement in its advertisement that they uploaded to YouTube, hoping the desired treat would draw customers into the store and buy up their wares.

The growing popularity of marijuana infused edibles has conjured forth a plethora of whimsy deductibles from the standard brownie recipes to lollipops to Chrontella. However, the same popularity has many wondering if the infusion of weed and treats is a good thing. The popularity and whimsical advertising of the products often portrays bright packaging that is similar to real products, some of which children enjoy quite a bit. Some individuals worry that children may be drawn to the products and consume them, bit realizing that the products are infused with drugs.

Opponents of marijuana show an ever-growing concern about the issues with children ingesting the treats. According to the New York Times, Colorado has seen an increase of incidents where children were admitted into the hospital after various medical problems occurred after eating marijuana laced treats that looked like candy or sweets. Kevin A. Sabet is one individual concerned about the free for all that seems to be occurring in the edible industry.

“We’ve seen lives damaged. We’ve seen deaths directly attributed to marijuana legalization. We’ve seen marijuana slipping through Colorado’s borders. We’ve seen marijuana getting into the hands of kids.”

What are your thoughts on the edibles?

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