San Antonio Airport Evacuated After Bomb Threat

The San Antonio International Airport was evacuated after a “very specific” bomb threat this afternoon. Rick Johnson, a spokesman for the San Antonio International Airport stated during a short press briefing that an individual called the Texas airport and issued a very specific bomb threat, but would not elaborate further on the nature of the alleged danger, the Daily Mail reports.

Approximately 2,000 passengers waiting to board planes in the San Antonio International Airport were quickly escorted onto the tarmac and planes were parked away from the gates as they landed at the Texas airport.

“It was called in specifically to our airport. There were specific locations as well as specific numbers to people who answered the phone,” San Antonio International Airport spokesperson Rich Johnson noted when speaking to KTRE News.

All flights departing from the San Antonio airport were canceled until a complete investigation of the threat and presumably a search of the international airport is completed.

“There was no explanation as to why,” San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus stated when asked about the motive for the bomb threat called in by an unidentified male, according to KTRE News.

Bomb sniffing dogs arrived on-scene shortly after the San Antonio International Airport was evacuated and closed to all air traffic, KVUE News reports. The local ABC affiliate also notes three packages were left inside an airport parking garage. The San Antonio Police Department blocked off all access to the international airport and rerouted traffic away from the bomb threat scene.

A bomb sweep of the San Antonio International Airport Terminal B has reportedly been completed but a emergency responders are still conducting a bomb threat investigation sweep in Terminal A. KTRE also notes this is the second bomb threat “type” scare the San Antonio International Airport has received recently. On July 24 a suspicious package was found in a cargo area but was later determined not to be harmful.