Lady Gaga Loses Facebook Followers Record To Eminem

Lady Gaga is no longer the reigning champion of Facebook Fan page likes, that title now belongs to uber-successful rapper Eminem.

Gaga and Eminem have been battling atop the social media kingdom since the early days of Twitter and Facebook with Gaga setting a continuous record until recently when Em surpassed her fan count with millions of new page likes.

So how many fans does Eminem have? At the time of this story he has achieved 60,145,856 likes. If you have been keeping count that’s more than 6.25% of all Facebook users around the world who have “liked” the Eminem Facebook fan page.

Lady Gaga on the other hand may be going for quality instead of quantity these days, the famous pop singer counts President Obama among her followers. Gaga still counts 53,018,255 likes.

Other famous peeps in the same music field as Gaga have also passed her follower count, specifically Rihanna who has attracted more than 59 million fans.

Gaga is still the reigning queen of Twitter where she has more than 28 million followers compared to 12 million Eminem followers. Plus Gaga recently started her own Lady Gaga social network at Gaga’s site combines Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest type features into a network all about the Born This Way singer.

Gaga is still facing plenty of Twitter competition from Justin Bieber (25 million) and Rihanna (23 million).

With social media playing a crucial part in reaching fans these days it is highly likely we will soon see more up and coming celebrities challenging the Eminem Facebook record and possibly even creating their own “Little Monsters” type social networks.