Melissa McCarthy Is Definitely Not Coming Back To ‘Gilmore Girls’

Melissa McCarthy is letting fans know that although she will watch the next chapter of the Gilmore Girls on Netflix, she will not be reprising her role of Sookie St. James back in Stars Hollow. There is no more negotiating, or maybes, just a no from McCarthy, who has had the biggest career leap of the entire cast of Gilmore Girls.

According to the Inquisitr, Melissa McCarthy put out a clear statement that she never got an invite to come back onto Gilmore Girls, and was a bit confused why everyone else was asked back, and she wasn’t. Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino said she assumed that considering how Melissa McCarthy’s career had taken off, McCarthy would not have the time to come back to Gilmore Girls as Sookie St. James, and make the time to be part of Gilmore Girls. It’s still not clear whether McCarthy wasn’t asked, along with the rest of the cast of Gilmore Girls.


Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Melissa McCarthy is adamant that she is not returning to Gilmore Girls as chef Sookie St. James. Fans held onto a last glimmer of hope when last week McCarthy posted a photo with Yanic Truesdale, better known as Michel from Gilmore Girls, but McCarthy shut them down by saying no, absolutely not to returning to Gilmore Girls. But oddly enough, her screen husband, Jackson, is returning to Gilmore Girls without her.

But McCarthy says she fully plans to return to Gilmore Girls as a fan and a viewer. McCarthy says she is very supportive of the return of the show to Netflix.


McCarthy told E! Online that she is thrilled that Gilmore Girls is returning to television, and she is excited to watch her friends reincarnate the show for Netflix. McCarthy is still making herself very clear that Sherman-Palladino did not ask her to come back to Gilmore Girls as Sookie St. James.

“I’m actually thrilled that it’s happening,” she says. “I loved that show, and I think the fans for that show are super loyal and great and I will watch every single one of them.”

The new Gilmore Girls, which does not have a title or a date, has officially started filming.


The New York Post has finally made it clear that Melissa McCarthy wasn’t playing hard to get when she said she wasn’t asked to come back to Gilmore Girls, as so would not be part of the project. McCarthy is absolutely sure she won’t be on the next chapter of Gilmore Girls. No, absolutely not.

“I am not doing it.”

There seemed to be some posturing, at least on the part of Amy Sherman-Palladino, who asked everyone else back onto Gilmore Girls, but suggested in the press that Melissa McCarthy’s people should call and let them know if she would be available to “drop by” the set of Gilmore Girls.

Perhaps Sherman-Palladino did not want to be rejected, but fans still expected that McCarthy should have been asked.


McCarthy cleared up a bit of the Gilmore Girls debate with WTOP, but is seems more like Sherman-Palladino dropped the ball, and screwed up on getting McCarthy to come back to Gilmore Girls, which only could have improved the reboot.

“I didn’t actually get asked to do it,” she told E! News. “But I think they thought I was busy, and then by the time it did come up, then I actually was booked.”

Wow, that’s unfortunate.


McCarthy said she would actually like to cook again onscreen, and that playing Sookie on Gilmore Girls was one of the best roles of her career, so maybe there is hope?

Will you watch the new Gilmore Girls, even without Melissa McCarthy?

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