Crop Circles Mysteriously Appear In Washington Wheat Field

Crop circles made a mysterious appearance in a Washington state wheat field last week, though nobody seems overly alarmed or concerned. The circles, which were spotted off Highway 174, appeared in a field located roughly 10 miles from Grand Coulee dam, the largest hydropower producer in the United States. Although the destruction of crops isn’t generally met with laughs, local farmers have found the whole ordeal rather amusing.

“You can’t do anything other than laugh about it,” field owner Cindy Geib explained to The Associated Press. “You just kind of roll with the theory it’s aliens and you’re special because aliens chose your spot.”

This isn’t the first time farmers in Lincoln County have encountered such mysterious shapes in their crops. In fact, this is kind of becoming a yearly ritual. Crop circles have been appearing in area fields since around 2008, though they apparently took the past two years off; the last reported sighting was in 2010. For crop circle aficionados, the appearance of these peculiar shapes isn’t anything to alarmed about, as the United Kingdom is currently in the midst of crop circle season.

Lynne Brougher, public affairs spokesperson for Grand Coulee dam, explained to the AP that, while no one can explain how they got there, there’s nothing to be concerned about. She added, “We’re trying to figure out how they got there without breaking any of the wheat. It’s hard to walk through the crunchy wheat and not knock it down. They had to be fairly young in my estimation because it’s a long ways out, and they had to pack a lot of stuff out there to smash it down.”

Cindy and Greg Geib, meanwhile, don’t seem too bothered by the circles, either. And while the perpetrators of these unexplained patterns destroyed nearly an acre of their crop, the farmers seem positive that a large portion of the wheat will be harvested come next week.