Google Chrome Offers New Updates With Security Fixes And Revamped Bookmark Interface

Jinger Jarrett

Google Chrome is the browser Google offered as an alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It offers sophisticated technology while being a minimalist browser that is secure and runs fast. It allows users lots of customizations through browser extensions that are available through its store. Many of the extensions available are free and allow users to do everything from keeping track of their social media to adding files to Google Drive.

BGR reported that Google's latest update release to Chrome fixed some major security vulnerabilities. Although Google wasn't willing to discuss the vulnerabilities in detail, the updates addressed three major security vulnerabilities. The first vulnerability discovered deals with a type confusion within Blink. ZDNet describes it as a rendering engine used by Google Chrome. The researcher who discovered this vulnerability received $5,000 for the discovery.

— indy100 (@indy100) March 15, 2016

An anonymous researcher discovered the third and final vulnerability in Google Chrome. It was an out-of-bounds write issue in PDFium (Chrome's PDF rendering engine). No word was given on the reward given to the researcher who discovered the issue as part of HP's Zero Day.

To make sure your browser receives the update, all you have to do is to close the browser and then reopen it. This will update Google Chrome automatically. If you want to check the updates, open Google Chrome and then click on Settings and navigate to the About tab.

As previously reported in Inquisitr, Google has been updating many of its products lately, including Google Photos. Google made it easier for users to use the the tool by getting rid of the advanced editing tool that only worked in the Google Chrome browser. Google also increased the amount of storage available. The photo service is now a standalone service and no longer part of Google Plus.

— wallwebdesign (@wallwebdesign1) March 15, 2016

Gadgets 360 reported that Google released a revamped bookmark interface to Chrome 49 for Android and iOS as Google is rolling out the stable version of Google Chrome 49. The same update was also released to Google's desktop versions of Chrome for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

One of the most important updates is an improved background sync with the Background Sync API. This allows websites to schedule a sync of their websites whenever an internet connection is detected and even though the user's browser is closed. An API for MediaRecorder was also introduced that allows recording audio and video without the need for a browser plugin.

Google's internal teams also fixed some important vulnerabilities using the Chrome V8 engine and included an updated related to Javascript that brought about some new improvements. The Google Chrome Browser app has also been redesigned, and the iOS version saw few changes to its update when compared to the Android version. The bookmark interface received a redesign, and several security bugs were fixed while stability improvements were made.

Malware is as malware does.

— Aral Balkan (@aral) March 11, 2016