Google Photos: How To Get The Most From The Latest Google Update

Google introduced the latest version of its Google Photos last week, and although there are some major changes, many of the features that users enjoyed are still available. The most important feature is the unlimited video and photo storage.

Another important update is that Google dropped the advanced photo editing tool. Google had previously acquired their editing software through Snapseed, and the tool was native client, which meant it only worked in the Google Chrome browser.

As reported in CNET, Anil Sabaharwal, head of the photo work at Google, Google wanted to make it simpler.

“We went back to the drawing board and built an editor that we believe is incredibly powerful yet simple… [Google] wanted to deliver a consistent user experience across all platforms, and for the Web, across all browsers. This means many of the higher-end editing capabilities are not there.”

Google Photos is now a standalone service and has been separated from Google+. Although users can continue to share their photos on Google+, Photos will no longer be part of the Google+ core. With this change, the new editing tools now work within any browser and also on the browsers for mobile devices, too.

In addition to the changes to the online editing tools, Google also made additional changes to its Google Photos phone app. To use the app, it requires a manual update. To do the update, simply open the app and the app will download the update. Once the app is updated, then users will receive a welcome screen within the app before using it. There is no set up to do, and the app adds new features to help users easily navigate their photos, according to the Tech Republic.

Other changes include an increase in file size because people can shoot in RAW format. It gives users two different ways to store photos, and both are free as long as you don’t use up all the space in your Google Drive.

For high quality photos made using a camera of 16 MP or less, users can store their photos using the unlimited free storage feature. If you choose a higher quality photo, then it will use the space in your Google Drive. Google Photos still offers backup, easier navigation, and better organization.

One important feature users need to know about is data mining. Google will be using the updates to more accurately pinpoint user preferences in order to serve more accurate ads to users. The facial recognition technology now gives Google Photos the opportunity to identify both people and places.

According to Business Insider, the feature is quite creepy.

“One of the coolest — or creepiest, depending on your perspective — features is how it uses facial recognition technology, so you can search for a specific person just by clicking or tapping a photo of his or her face.”

What do you think of the new updates to Google Photos? Will you be using the new app and tools to store and edit your photos?

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