WWE News: 'WrestleMania 32' Coverage Reportedly Set For Seven Hours

WWE has been doing this whole WrestleMania thing for over 30 years now. It has become as big as any other sporting event in the world, really. In fact, polls show it is up there with the Super Bowl and other championship games in sports. That says a lot, considering pro-wrestling is more so entertainment than actual sport. That does not mean these men and women aren't athletes, as they have to train, eat, and perform like athletes to be able to do what they do every single day.

They don't take many nights off and finish matches even when hurt. Very few sports allow such a thing. Whether that is good or bad is not the case, but rather, it is important to note that pro-wrestling is just as hard or harder than any sport in the world. Ask any MMA, Football, Soccer, or Basketball player who has made the transition and they will more than vouch for it. Due to all it is, pro-wrestling is beloved around the world.

That makes WrestleMania just as important as anything else out there. What many do not realize is that WWE now makes WrestleMania an entire week affair. Unlike the FIFA World Cup, WWE does not ask for stadiums to be built for them to work a big show there, taking millions away from the city. Rather, they only bring huge economical love to a city for a major week of great material. WWE has WrestleMania Axxess, WWE NXT Takeover, and the WWE Hall of Fame all during WrestleMania week.

Balor Joe
[Image via WWE]It is said that Triple H was upset that WWE did not show that NXT would be going on during the week. It pretty much took all promotion away from those who don't already watch the event. For whatever reason, Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon did not bother telling fans NXT was part of WrestleMania week. Yet it is actually a massive part of it and many believe it could be better than WrestleMania when all is said and done.

Many do believe, however, that WWE will eventually promote it as Triple H will demand it to be done, and with executive power he does have the ability to make such a call. Especially when it can help sell WWE Network numbers.

On that Sunday, however, WWE will put on the biggest wrestling event of the year, WrestleMania. This year, WWE is really putting a lot into the event. WrestleMania coverage is said to be a seven-hour event, with a two-hour pre-show, the four-hour WrestleMania event, then a one-hour post-show. For the first time, USA Network will show the kick-off show, which is set to be an hour long.

Before the WWE Network, WWE did have some pre-show stuff on YouTube. Even when the network existed, WWE loved utilizing YouTube for various things. However, they have never aired it on USA Network. A two-hour pre-show is still expected for the WWE Network beginning at 5/4c on WrestleMania Sunday.

The interesting thing is that the WWE Network will cover the pre-show but the company now gets the USA Network to help them out with the kick-off show. This could truly help build network numbers a lot. It used to be that WWE would have something called Sunday Night Heat on television each Sunday. It would normally be taped, but on PPV Sundays, the WWE would often times do the show live. They would then try to sell people on buying the PPV at the last minute all during the broadcast. It actually helped a bit.

HHH Reigns WM32
[Image via WWE]Sometimes, random matches or storylines would come from the show and end up on the PPV, so it was a show not worthy of missing that many fans have been wanting to see again. However, it would not make sense to do it with shows like WWE Main Event and Superstars still airing with relatively no interest.

The reason for the kick-off show airing on USA Network could be due to WWE removing the full WWE Hall of Fame from broadcast on the Saturday before WrestleMania. It has still shown on USA on a random night since, but WWE filmed the show on Saturday last year as they aired the event in its entirety as they did the year prior for the WWE Network. Fans enjoyed the full event, but it may be put in a timer once again. It is expected to go over, however.

WrestleMania is also said to be getting ESPN coverage once again. Truly WWE is wanting to make this event the biggest WrestleMania yet and they are doing all they can to make sure that happens. So far, Dallas is going to be getting a ton from WWE before WrestleMania even goes down. When it does, the AT&T Stadium will be the place to be for WWE fans.

[Image via WWE]