'Bates Motel' Season 4, Episode 3 Spoilers: Norma Bates Ties The Knot

Bates Motel is going to change a lot of things this week on season 4, episode 3, when Norma Bates decides to tie the knot. She will do anything she can to make sure that her son, Norman, gets the treatment he needs, and getting married is the only way to get insurance fast. Dread Central shared a preview of the upcoming episode of Bates Motel and what fans can expect to see. The new episode of Bates Motel is called "'Til Death Do Us Part."

Here are the details A&E shared about this new episode of Bates Motel.
"Norma (Vera Farmiga) and Romero (Nestor Carbonell) take a big step together, but neither knows what it means to the other. And as Norman (Freddie Highmore) struggles to accept his new circumstances, Dylan (Max Thieriot) attempts to shed old business."
Norman Bates is also trying to get used to being in the hospital. It appears that Norman will actually have to miss his mom's big day. Bates is very upset that they took his belt from him, but of course this was for his safety. Norman then takes a tour of the facility and gets the chance to learn the schedule of his new home for a while on Bates Motel.
All that Norman Bates really wants to know is how long he will be in there. It is obvious that he is not very happy. It is explained to Bates that the amount of time you stay there is different for everyone. Norman Bates thinks that therapy is "silly," but that isn't going to keep them from sending him there and hoping that he can get help. Norman Bates says he is only there because he doesn't want to upset his mother. He knows that she wants him to be there and it is important to her.

Norman Bates goes on to say that his mother does things and then blames him for them. Of course, Bates is a bit confused about reality and what really goes on.

Another preview for Bates Motel reveals that Norma Bates will be getting married to the sheriff this week. After the wedding, the sheriff moves on over to live with Norma Bates. He seems to want more from the marriage and doesn't want to just fake it. Norma is also told that her son, Norman Bates, is having a hard time adjusting to the hospital.

Design & Trend shared that this is also when Norman Bates finally meets Dr. Edwards for the first time. Norman Bates is now at Pineview Institute and Dr. Edwards is going to be the one to help him out. It is finally time to diagnose Norman and figure out what is really wrong with him mentally. Norman will break down about why he is mad at his mother. Here is what he has to say about it all.

"I'm angry because she asks too much. I have tried to always be there for her, and I have been a very good son, but there's just something wrong about my mother and she does things and then she blames me, but these things I just can't talk about."
Are you excited to see Norma Bates get married on Bates Motel this week? Do you think that these two will end up deciding they can make the marriage work and that it will be more than just a marriage for insurance? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of Bates Motel on Mondays on A&E. Things are really heating up this season.

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