Florida Man Arrested Following The Dark Knight Rises Disturbance

Problems continue to arise at a few screenings of director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy-ending installment “The Dark Knight Rises”. Following the shooting which claimed the lives of multiple moviegoers a little over two weeks ago, a number of bizarre and disturbing incidents have taken place, all of which have understandably caused panic amongst wary audience members.

During a showing of the latest cinematic Batman adventure in Miami Beach on Tuesday, David Escamillo decided to yell “This is it!” at one point during the movie. As a result, nearly 100 moviegoers fled the theater, fearing a copycat shooter was in their midst. The Associated Press reports that several witnesses saw Escamillo leave the theater, only to return moments later wearing black gloves.

In effort to keep the man from harming anyone, he was detained by several patrons until police arrived on the scene. Escamillo, who, according to Entertainment Weekly, smelled strongly of alcohol, repeatedly shouted “I didn’t shoot anybody!” at authorities during his arrest.

Police didn’t find any weapons on his person and no shots were fired. As a direct result of his actions, David Escamillo has been charged with disorderly conduct. To make matters worse, Escamillo apparently had a warrant out for his arrest, which will surely only add to the legal troubles the man is currently facing.

David Escamillo’s outburst during “The Dark Knight Rises” is only one of several unsettling incidents that have occurred following the Aurora, Colorado shooting. Several similar scenarios have unfolded in Arizona and California, including the arrest of Maine resident Timothy Courtois, a man armed with several firearms, loads of ammunition, and numerous press clippings from the Colorado tragedy. According to police, Courtois was on his way to murder his former boss no less than 24 hours after Nolan’s latest Batman effort.

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