‘Dual Survival’ Will Return With Only One Host Next Season

During a special episode titled “Live to Tell,” viewers discovered that next season, Grady Powell will be returning to Dual Survival, but not Bill McConnell. Although a definitive statement wasn’t given, previews of next season show only Grady working with different survival experts.

Fans of the show have mixed reactions, some stating on Dual Survival’s Facebook page that although there were two new hosts this season, that both men grew on them. Although fans of Dual Survival tended to gravitate more toward Grady, many viewers have commented that they will be sad to see Bill leave the show.

Others are excited to see other survivalists on Dual Survival, such as EJ “Skullcrusher” Snyder and Jeff Zausch from Naked and Afraid, on the show with Grady. Air Force veteran Bo McGlone and New Zealand bushman Joshua James will also be joining Grady next season on Dual Survival.

For those unfamiliar with Dual Survival, traditionally there has always been two hosts. They are dropped into some of the harshest and most unforgiving environments in the world. The Dual Survival teams then had 72 hours to find a way back to some vestige of civilization. In the past, the different Dual Survival survivalists have always found their way out, often stumbling across fishermen, shepherds, hunters, and farmers.

So far, every Dual Survival team managed to make their way out on their own, although that almost changed this season when Grady came down with a cold and then became overheated in the Namib desert. According to a video titled “Pulling the Plug” on Discovery’s Dual Survival page, Bill found water just in time, and Grady was able to rehydrate and cool down. He was very close to being the first Dual Survival person to either be pulled out of the survival scenario or making the difficult decision himself to tap out.

Dual Survival’s executive producer, Brian Nashel, stated during the sneak-peek preview episode that “Dual Survival is continuing to grow. You’ll see new extreme locations, you’ll see different scenarios, new survival tactics, and we’re cycling in new people.”

As for the new faces on Dual Survival, Nashel goes on to say that McGlone has been to arctic survival school, has had training in some of the harshest environments in the world, and that he differs from Grady in regard to his survivalist skill sets and how he approaches the survival scenario.

Josh James is a born-and-bred New Zealand bushman, and Nashel describes teaming him up with Grady as “very interesting.” He looks like someone who is right at home in the wild and could not just survive many of the situations the Dual Survival teams find themselves in but actually thrive. This multi-talented survivalist lists on his Facebook page that some of his interests include bushcraft, hunting, gathering, fishing, archery, rafting, and kayaking.

Fan favorites from Naked and Afraid, EJ and Jeff, will also be teaming up with Grady next season. On Naked and Afraid XL, they teamed up to form what could be argued was the most successful group out there in the very remote and inhospitable equatorial jungle of Colombia.

Jeff’s skill set includes primitive fire making, shelter construction, finding water, wildlife identification, and advanced primitive hunting skills. EJ Snyder is a retired Army combat veteran, and he is skilled in tracking, trapping, water procurement, building shelters, primitive weapons, and navigation. Either one of them should be a big asset to Grady, and both men have shown they can work well with another person.

“Dual Survival is always going to be what it always has been,” Nashel said. “Two guys from completely different worlds, different philosophies, different tactics, being dropped into remote locations and showing us how they would get out alive.”

Are you a fan of Dual Survival? What do you think about only one host for the eighth season? Leave your comments, thoughts and opinions below.

[Image via Dual Survival/Twitter]