Watch Bernie Sanders Huge Rally In Idaho Falls Full Speech: Takes Fight To Clinton, Battles For Every Delegate

Bernie Sanders will hold a “huge” rally in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Friday morning as the underdog Democratic candidate brings his “political revolution” into the heart of deep red territory as he continues to battle frontrunner Hillary Clinton for every precious delegate. The Idaho Democratic caucuses, with 27 delegates available, take place on Tuesday, and Clinton does not even have a campaign appearance scheduled in the state.

But Sanders, trailing Clinton by more than 300 delegates, will rise and shine for an early morning rally at a local high school gym in Idaho Falls, a city of fewer than 60,000, the largest city in eastern Idaho, in a rural area known for voting heavily Republican — as is the entire state of Idaho.

But Sanders has not taken the state for granted, and though Democratic polling in the state has been sparse, what little polling there has been shows that Sanders has erased what just one month ago had been a 12-point lead among Democrats in the state.

According to the Idaho Politics Weekly/Dow Jones poll, Sanders now leads Clinton by a slim two-point margin, 47 percent to 45 percent.

With the state’s proportional method of allocating delegates, if the poll is accurate Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will roughly split the 27 delegates — which may be why Sanders is venturing into Idaho for with his signature “A Future To Believe In” rally, in an apparent attempt to push up his share of the vote and as a result, the delegate haul.

Watch the full speech delivered byBernie Sanders at his Idaho Falls rally in the video below. The “Future To Believe In” event is was held Friday morning at Skyline High School Auxiliary Gym on Blue Sky Drive in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

The Idaho Falls rally starts an extremely busy day for the 74-year-old Bernie Sanders — who hopes to become the oldest man ever elected president, more than five years older than Ronald Reagan when he was elected in 1980.

After the Idaho Falls rally, Sanders heads south to Salt Lake City, Utah, for a 12:30 p.m. event, and then down to Tucson, Arizona, where Sanders will hold yet another rally, at 4:30 p.m. local time.

Both Utah and Arizona hold their primaries on March 22, the same day as the Idaho caucuses.

The morning rally in Idaho comes just hours after an evening event Thursday in Flagstaff, Arizona. Watch a full replay of that earlier Bernie Sanders rally in the video below.

An online live stream is often the only way to see Bernie Sanders deliver what he calls his “radical ideas” of “political revolution” to a live audience. Sanders and his supporters have complained of a “blackout” against Sanders by the major television news outlets.

The New York Times published a study this week of how much free media coverage each 2016 presidential candidate has received, translated into dollar figures. According to the study, Sanders has received the third-most free media coverage, worth $321 million, less than half of the value received by Hillary Clinton, which was $746 million.


Republican frontrunner Donald Trump dominates the free media realm, with more than $1.8 billion worth of coverage gratis from TV networks, newspapers, and online sources.

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The need for Bernie Sanders to get on the road and battle for every delegate was driven home on Thursday by one more piece of bad news. After losing four of five states that voted on Tuesday, March 15, Sanders was holding out hope to take a morale-boosting victory in Missouri, where the two candidates were locked in a virtual tie.

But on Friday, Hillary Clinton was declared the winner of the Missouri Democratic primary — by a razor-thin margin of 1,531 votes. With a race that close, Bernie Sanders had the right to demand a recount, but Sanders declined, saying that he would rather “save the taxpayers of Missouri some money.” The two candidates will end up with close to a 50-50 split of the state’s 84 delegates, and Sanders will be looking for more at his Idaho Falls rally Friday.

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