Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Takes A Job With Google

Mark Zuckerberg’s sister must not be big on family loyalties, as the social advertising marketing is now working for one of Mark’s biggest competitors–Google.

Arielle Zuckerberg began working for Google when it acquired the social ad marketing firm where she works, Wildfire, CNN reported. Rumors around the web have put the acquisition at around $250 million, The Daily Mail added.

Google would not comment on whether all of Wildfire’s 400 employees would be joining the company after the acquisition, CNN reported, but Arielle Zuckerberg appeared to confirm that at least she is one of them who will be part of Google. Wildfire uses social media to help marketers better reach their audiences.

Google talked up the acquisition on its official blog, calling Wildfire a “platform for brands to manage their pages, apps, tweets, videos, sponsorships, ads, promotions and more, all in one place.”

The blog went on to say:


With Wildfire, we’re looking forward to creating new opportunities for our clients to engage with people across all social services. We believe that better content and more seamless solutions will help unlock the full potential of the web for people and businesses.

Apparently Arielle may not the be the only Zuckerberg to jump ship for the web giant Google. In a tweet she sent Tuesday, sibling Randi Zuckerberg announced that there are now more Zuckerbergs at Google than Facebook.

It’s been a big year for the entire Zuckerberg family. Mark himself got married in a low-key, backyard ceremony earlier in 2012. And in April, his Randi announced that she would star in a reality television series airing on Bravo about Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. She too jumped ship from Facebook, leaving last year to start her own media company, CNN reported.