Donald Trump: Anonymous Commences #OPtrump By Releasing Phone Number And Social Security Info On Pastebin -- Who Is 'The White Rose Society?'

The collective hacker group, Anonymous, declared "total war" on GOP front-runner Donald Trump earlier this week. Anonymous threatened to release Trump's personal information as a part of their latest attack named #OPTrump.

The Inquisitr covered the video where Anonymous first announced they would release all of Trump's personal information as a part of #OPTrump.

Why is Anonymous Going After Donald?

On March 4, a person claiming to be a member of Anonymous donned the infamous Guy Fawkes mask and posted the #OPTrump video with a digitally-altered voice.

Anonymous claims that they need to "shut his campaign and shutdown his brand."

Therefore, the purpose of #OPTrump is to release any embarrassing personal or political-career killing information to take down Trump.

Anonymous, like many, are not pleased with the rhetoric of Trump during his campaign which has been called hateful and accused of being the catalyst of political violence by enticing followers to get physical with those who oppose him.

#OPTrump Begins

The Houston Chronicle reported that Anonymous was not bluffing about #OPTrump. The hacker group delivered on its threats by promptly commencing the release of "The Donald's" personal information on Pastebin, just as they've done during #OPKKK.

For #OPTrump, Anonymous allegedly posted his Social Security number and phone number on the site. You will also find his address, agent's name, and lawyer.

The Pastebin page for #OPTrump appears to have been posted by presumably an Anonymous hacker under the pseudonym #OPWhiteRose.

Who Is #OPWhiteRose

The White Rose title pays homage to the peaceful German Nazi resistance force during WWII, however the operation appears to colloquially be referred to as #OPTrump, as what the movement was dubbed initially. Anonymous appears to be cooperating with the group.
With Anonymous, it is often difficult to tell who the "real" anonymous and who is simply pretending to be Anonymous. So in this case, it is also hard to tell who was really behind releasing the personal information.

Nevertheless, the recent release of this personal information confers that there is certainly some cryptic play, whether it be #OPTrump or #OPWhiteRose going on.

The Anonymous member commented on #OPTrump

"It is clear that Trump's platform is one of white supremacy this candidate has openly promoted violence against peaceful protestors and his words have even been considered as possibly illegal enticement to violence and rioting by law enforcement."
The person in the Anonymous video goes on to praise the White Rose Society by likening their resistance against Hitler's Germany against Trump's rise.

Many shun Hitler for his crimes against humanity and those who support Nazi Germany. If not for the altruistic reason of realizing that Hitler's rule begat some of the most evil and hateful moments in human history, then at least to avoid the warranted stigma that would come with supporting or praising Hitler.

Anonymous claims that history is repeating itself, and this is a perfect opportunity to prove if any individual would truly oppose the rise of Hitler if they were alive in Germany during that time by contributing to #OPTrump.

This campaign effectively encourages people to be on the right side of history amid the release of #OPTrump's information.

"Imagine if the people of Germany, Jews, communist, the Roma people, and all other people targeted by the Third Reich had risen up against Hitler during his failed campaign for office in 1932, many of you have said to yourself that if you were allowed in Nazi Germany, then you would have done something, that you would have resisted. Now is the time to prove that."
The hashtags #OPTrump and #OPWhiteRose appear to be collectively shooting for the same target: taking down Trump.
The White Rose Society and Anonymous (#OPTrump) seem to have only began releasing information on Trump. More data is expected to be released from the hackers.

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