Google Nexus Q Shipments Stopped, System Will Receive New Features Then Resume Shipping

The Google Nexus Q sold out in less than 24 hours and now Google is stopping future shipments and “retooling” the platform. After going on sale Google was forced to delay shipments with an “out of stock” notice. At the time of the delay analysts questioned whether the delay was caused because of high demand or low supply.

Customers who have already received their pre-ordered Google Nexus Q will be allowed to keep the “not quite ready for market” device at no charge.

When first announced critics praises the Google Nexus Q for its sleek design and powerful features, however they also chastised Google over content restrictions. The Google Nexus Q plays music and videos from Google Play, YouTube and Google Music. The device is capable of hooking up to TV and sound systems and it can be control by any device running Android 2.3 or higher.

Google officials say the Nexus Q will head back to its American factory where new features will be added, Google however has not specified if those features will be hardware or software related and when they will be implemented.

The Google Nexus Q is a “hackable” device which when eventually released to the public will likely see many new features added by Google developers. Only hours after the Nexus Q was showcased at the Google I/O developers conference it was hacked by a third-party programmer in order to run Android Games.

Will you purchase the Google Nexus Q once it has been upgrade and is once again available for sale?