Google Nexus Q Sells Out In 24 Hours

During the Google I/O conference the Google Nexus Q was unveiled and tech fans immediately took to the device. Now less than 24 hours after joining the Google Play store the tech firm has managed to sell out of the multimedia focused devices.

While shipping dates were originally listed at 3-5 days that wait time has now been pushed back to 2-3 weeks.

It’s still unclear if the Google Nexus Q sold out because of extremely high demand or extremely low stock levels. Google has not revealed at this time how many Google Nexus Q devices were available during the first round of sales.

The spherical device plugs into speaker systems and televisions, allowing users to stream media directly from the Google Cloud. The Nexus Q can be controlled from a tablet or smartphone device running Google Android 2.3 or higher with access to Google Play.

Developers have specifically shown interest in the Google Nexus Q because it was developed to be fully hackable. Less than 24 hours after one developer took the Nexus G home they managed to hack the Android based system to play games. As a bit of fun an eastern egg hidden on the system even turns it into a Google Nexus Q Magic 8 Ball which gives responses just like the classic novelty toy.

Here’s a Google created video which explains how the Google Nexus Q works:

[iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

Do you plan to purchase and hook the Google Nexus Q up to your own home sound system or flat screen TV?