‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Secrets Swirl Between April And Jackson, Jo Confronts Meredith, And Arizona Faces A Tough Case In ‘Odd Man Out’

'Grey's Anatomy' stars Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers for Thursday’s episode detail that there will be difficult choices and stunning decisions ahead. The March 17 show is titled “Odd Man Out,” and viewers are anxious to know what to expect in this one.

According to TV Guide, Richard will be ready to shake things up around Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He will be making some changes in the resident and attending partnerships, and Grey’s Anatomy spoilers detail that his decisions leave many feeling a bit perplexed.

While viewers will have to tune in to see just how Richard shakes up all of the pairings at the hospital, there are plenty of other juicy Grey’s Anatomy spoilers available for Thursday’s show. Jo has been struggling with how to handle Meredith both at work and in her personal life, and things come to a head in “Odd Man Out.”

Previews tease Grey’s Anatomy spoilers indicating that when Jo makes an inaccurate assumption about a test Meredith wanted her to prep for a patient, things explode. Meredith doesn’t see it coming, but Jo takes this opportunity to tear into Meredith for how she treats Jo at the hospital, as well as for her oftentimes overbearing presence in Alex’s life.

Jo tends to feel ignored and condescended toward when it comes to Meredith and she’s finally standing up for herself. However, Meredith thinks that Jo is way off-base, and it looks like she will perhaps be a bit dismissive of what she hears.

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April learned that she was pregnant again just as her divorce from Jackson was finalized, and she has yet to tell him the big news. Alex has figured it out and Arizona knows, but April is still keeping the truth from her ex. Grey’s Anatomy spoilers detail that viewers will see more regarding this big secret in Thursday’s episode.

Arizona will apparently be worried about possible medical issues for the baby, a realistic consideration considering what happened to April and Jackson’s son Samuel. However, April is insisting that this baby will be fine. Arizona also asks if April has told Jackson about the baby yet, and she admits she still hasn’t.

As for Jackson, he realized that some romantic sparks were flying during the team’s trip to the military hospital for a case in the last episode. It sounds as if he may be heading out on a date in this next show, but he’s anxious to keep it fairly under wraps. Grey’s Anatomy spoilers tease that Alex will ask Jackson about getting back out there again, and Jackson is quick to tell Alex to keep it quiet.

Obviously, April will need to tell her ex-husband about the baby at some point, and fans know he would want to know. Will the baby be healthy and will this bring the couple together again? Grey’s Anatomy spoilers tease that Jackson does learn about the baby in the March 24 episode, and there are some hints that this leads to some big family moments in the episodes ahead.

Arizona will be brought into a difficult case as Hollywood Reporter details that Happy Endings star Casey Wilson pops up as a patient named Courtney Hall who is pregnant with quintuplets. Ben will be checking on the babies, but he sends for Arizona when he can’t find one of them. Grey’s Anatomy spoilers indicate that the doc ends up making a bold decision as she moves ahead on this case.

What about Meredith’s potential new love interest, Major Will Thorpe, played by Scott Elrod from The Young and the Restless? Viewers will be seeing more of this potential romance soon, but it sounds as if things will move ahead slowly and Meredith and Will may not reconnect again for a couple of episodes.

Will April and Jackson successfully reunite when he learns of the baby? Can Arizona save the day with her quintuplets case? Fans cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama plays out on Grey’s Anatomy.

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