Condom Advice Gone Wrong — Can You See The Mistake?

Condom advice gone wrong? Generally, the only bad condom advice is being told not to use one, right? Not this time. This mom’s condom knowledge might be in vain.

While every respective parent has to give his or her son “the talk,” it’s best that the conversation maintains its effectiveness. What’s the point of the condom talk if they’re going to self-sabotage themselves?

Ironically, this mother meant well but possibly set her son up for immediate failure with her advice. However, it’s not exactly obvious on the surface. See if you can spot the issue within this parental birth control advice.

Apparently, at the time of this letter, the son was dating someone named Ashley. According to the mother, he was mature enough for condom advice before his girlfriend’s visitation. The birth control letter noted as follows.


I know you have grown up now, and I’m proud of you. When Ashley comes over tonight, if things get serious, make sure you’re safe! Use this (Trojan condom)!

P.S. Your dinner is in the fridge honey.

Love Mom.”

As far as birth control is concerned, Mom’s condom advice seemed fine. So, what was the problem? Well, after viewing the following Facebook photo, you might guess the issue.

From initial appearance, it looks like this son was set for the night. However, from a closer look, his condom-supportive mother might have sabotaged his birth control, unintentionally. Yes, she created a hole in the condom.

While the mother made an obvious mistake, according to the U.S. Agency for International Development under the Family Planning Logistics Management (FPLM) project, not all condoms are manufactured without defects. The source states that some condoms are packaged with holes from the assembly line. It stated as follows.

“Latex rubber is not naturally porous, but microscopic holes can occur as a result of manufacturing defects or subsequent damage. Researchers of latex rubber contend that holes in condoms are not an intrinsic feature of latex films, but the result of minute foreign particles and air bubbles introduced during manufacture.”


FPLM mentions that, if the condom rips or a hole is made within the condom away from the tip, the danger significance decreases dramatically. However, in the way this mother modified her son’s condom, any activity with this one will prove counterproductive, as concerns birth control and prevention.

So, although she had to leave his birth control with the letter, there were better ways to have done it. For instance, there were four corners on the condom’s packaging. The pin should have been applied to one of the plastic corners, rather than through the center.

While the son’s mother attempted to prevent pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease, she might have only increased the possibility for both. There are two major conclusions which many of the condom post commentators pose as possible reasons.

First, many of these condom commentators think that this post is some sort of hoax. Simply, people believe that this mother could be so unaware that she’d stick a pin through her son’s condom. However, from the looks of the Facebook post, there are people who couldn’t see the issue, and it had to be pointed out. So, just as they were oblivious, it’s possible that the mother was just as inattentive during her condom advisory.

Secondly, many commentators believe that the mother could have pinned the condom purposely in its center for another reason. Destiny Sky Lampkin notes, “She didn’t want [anything] happening in her house so she damaged the condom on purpose.”


All in all, what do you think about this condom exploit? Did the mother pin its hole intentionally or unintentionally? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

[Image via Twitter]