March 16, 2016
NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Could Sign With The Boston Celtics In The Offseason

With the 2016 NBA trade deadline now behind us, rumors are heating up regarding the Boston Celtics and the moves that they are going to make in the offseason. With a record of 39-28, the Celtics are truly a team on the rise. Head coach Brad Stevens is one of the top young coaches in the NBA, and it appears as though a lot of players in the league are noticing. While Oklahoma City Thunder star forward Kevin Durant has not yet given any clues regarding his upcoming free agency decision, the Boston Celtics are apparently in a great position to land him.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Durant has been linked to the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, and numerous other teams. Regardless, there is still always the chance that Durant decides to re-sign with the Thunder. With a record of 45-22, the Thunder are once again one of the top teams in the Western Conference.

At 27-years-old, Durant has not yet won a championship with the Thunder. While he and Russell Westbrook make one of the top duos in the NBA, Durant may still look to make a change in the offseason if the Thunder once again fail to win a title. With the Western Conference stronger than ever, Durant will likely have his hands full for years to come if he decides to remain with the Thunder.

While the Eastern Conference is still fairly competitive, the Celtics could be an extremely attractive option for Durant. LeBron James will turn 32-years-old in December, so he really only has a few years left of being the elite player that he is. The Toronto Raptors are also a team on the rise, but Durant could propel the Celtics past them.

As ESPN reports, the Celtics are in a real position to land a top free agent this summer, and that includes Kevin Durant.

"With Boston positioned to fish again this summer for that elusive big catch that could propel the team forward, the Celtics would covet the chance to pitch Boston as a possible destination when Durant reaches unrestricted free agency. Scoff if you want -- and most will -- the Celtics are in position to make an intriguing sales pitch to any star talent that becomes available. And that would include Durant, who might benefit from simply escaping a bloodthirsty Western Conference that's compounded his quest for a championship. But Ainge's desire to see Durant in green stretches back almost a decade, and it's not just an assumption from him sitting next to Wanda Pratt at a Big 12 semifinal."
While the idea of Durant leaving Oklahoma City may sound unlikely to some fans and analysts around the league, Durant has said that he has thought about his upcoming free agency, as reported by The Inquisitr. He has not yet given insight into any potential teams that he is targeting, which is to be expected, but the Celtics should be as attractive as any other team.

In order for the Warriors to sign Durant, they would have to make a variety of moves in order to free up enough money. For a team with chemistry like the Warriors, they may decide that keeping the current team in place is the best overall move. While the Lakers are always linked to the top free agents, they are a Western Conference team. Durant may not have an issue with staying in the Western Conference, but it would still be an uphill battle with the Lakers.

The New York Knicks also remain a possibility, but the team would also have to make room with Carmelo Anthony's huge contract on the books. While Durant has shown that he can play with another star, he may be looking to join a team where he can truly be the star player.

Before tonight's game against the Celtics, Durant even praised the city of Boston, according to Mass Live.

"I like the city a lot. It's cold but they love sports here. It's a family atmosphere I feel when I walk around the city. So yeah, I like it a lot."
While this is not Durant's promise to the fans of Boston that he will be joining the Celtics, he is at least showing that he respects the city and its fans.

With Kevin Durant's upcoming free agency, rumors will continue to link him to the Boston Celtics. As a team on the rise in the weaker Eastern Conference, the Celtics really may be the best fit for Durant.

[Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]