‪‪’Daredevil’: Jon Bernthal’s Punisher Absolutely Kills In New Featurette

Marvel and Netflix have released a brand new featurette for their second season of Daredevil, heavily focused on Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle/Punisher. With the premiere of the second season only two days away, it’s surprising that new footage is still being released, but fanboys certainly won’t be complaining about that. This featurette via io9 includes a ton of new (NSFW) footage illustrating just how violent and brutal The Punisher will be, and Bernthal is looking more and more like a brilliant choice for the role with each passing day.

After locking up Wilson Fisk in the first season, Matt Murdock realizes there are still people being taken out all over the city with military precision. In a brief moment during the featurette, Daredevil is crouched over a heavily wounded man, and when asked who was responsible, the man replies, “it’s one man.” He is, of course, referring to the Punisher.

“Daredevil’s brand of justice is ridiculous to Frank,” Bernthal says of his character. “Yet he’s such a worthy adversary.” Unsurprisingly, the Punisher and Daredevil have a pretty contentious relationship throughout their comic book history. The two tend to interact when they realize they are chasing down the same bad guy. With their differing ideologies and methods, they begin arguing over whether or not to take these criminals to trial and dole out punishment according to the law, or to simply murder them and take them out clean. This usually leads to the two duking it out, before they come to a begrudging truce, with Daredevil and Punisher hunting down the criminals together.

In many of the clips being released for Daredevil Season 2, Daredevil is restrained on a rooftop with Frank Castle himself, as they discuss their differing ideologies. This scene looks like a direct homage to a page from Garth Ennis’ ‪‪Welcome Back Frank: Devil by the Horns.

Even the Punisher himself, Jon Bernthal, regards Ennis’ work as remarkable.

“It was a great joy to acquaint myself with the source material in comic book stores around the country. The Punisher Max series by Garth Ennis is the one I responded to the most. There is nothing like comic book nerds because they are so passionate and smart and the best fans in the world. You find a true blue good comic nerd and they will steer you straight.”

And if the Punisher ever gets the opportunity to star in his own solo series, it sounds like Bernthal would be totally game.

“This guy is very much burned into my heart and soul,” says Bernthal. “I think about him all the time. And I look at it the same way Frank would look at it. I’m a soldier, man. If they call on me, I’ll stand to attention and I’ll be ready.”

The Punisher will likely spend most of this second season going up against Daredevil, but the presence of Elektra and the deadly ninja clan the Hand, whom Frank Castle ends up targeting, may change. As noted previously, Punisher and Daredevil are often battling each other with their differing points of view, until they come together to take down a common enemy. With the growing threat of the Yakuza still in Hell’s Kitchen, it’s possible that Elektra and Daredevil might need a little help in cleaning up the city for good.

There was also a rumor going around that Bernthal’s Punisher would be visiting Wilson Fisk in prison, for what purpose, no one knows. If this rumor turns out to be true, the Punisher will definitely be up to a lot more than just taking out the mob.

Daredevil Season 2 drops this Friday, March 18.

[Image via YouTube/Netflix]

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