Tori Spelling Has Forgiven Husband After Cheating Scandal, Says She Can ‘Live With Infidelity’

Tori Spelling has forgiven her husband after his cheating scandal. News broke in December 2013 that Dean McDermott was linked with another woman while in Canada. McDermott reportedly told his mistress that he was in a “sexless marriage.” In the wake of the affair, his marriage with Spelling hit some turbulence and their grievances were aired on True Tori, but they never divorced.

Spelling told E! that she’s moved past the infidelity and cites other factors that were eroding their marriage.

“The stuff that I cannot move past is the behaviors in the relationship—the things that weren’t being communicated, the anger in the relationship—things that really had nothing to do with infidelity itself,” Spelling said.

Tori Spelling has been judged by women for staying with her husband in spite of the cheating scandal. She thinks women are more empowered by working through these kinds of issues instead of bailing. Like she said, she has four children and really loves McDermott, so it wasn’t an option for her.

“I love him. We have children together,” Tori added. “I want to kind of repair this in a way that we can’t repair so why not start over and rebuild it and that’s what we did.”

“I believe that women have the power and it was a choice and people can judge me and say, ‘Well she stayed with him,'” Tori said. “But I think it’s more powerful to make the choice to try to heal the relationship and work on it and work through it if you truly love someone.”

Tori Spelling said in a Today interview that she accomplished “turning monogamy on its head.” What did she mean by that? The former 90210 star said the relationship she and McDermott knew “combusted” right in front of them. They had to look at what was “beneath” it, or the “base of it,” if you will. Repairing it was futile because it had “gone too far” and therefore, it needed “deconstructing.”

Spelling expounded that monogamy was turned on its head when she and Dean re-evaluated the traditions of marriage and the idea of being with one person. She clarified that they’ve “evolved” from where they were — not that they were open to seeing other people.

The reality star emphasized in the interview that relationships aren’t what they seem; they can be instinctual. In other words, it can be fixed and you can work through it. Spelling doesn’t think it’s okay for men to cheat, but knows it’s instinctually their nature.

On another matter, Tori addressed the migraines she’s in the news for whenever she’s sent to the hospital. Last month, she made another emergency visit and a source said she was suffering migraines. Tori Spelling confirmed this was the case and that they can flare up miserably sometimes.

Additionally, Tori has pushed back against reports regarding her alleged financial struggles. She told People in a recent interview that she was trying to be more “relatable” when sharing that celebrities also have their financial issues, but she said people took it too far. On top of that, she was in the news for moving a fifth time in a seven-year period. Her latest move was in early February when her family packed up and moved from Calabasas to Encino, California.

“There is no real myth behind it,” Tori explained. “The owner wanted to sell the house, so we simply moved to a new house!”

The reality star also said that her kids are going to preschool and elementary school, and that finding the right residence is a juggling act. Tori Spelling said no one should be “surprised if we move again, guys!”

What do you think of Tori Spelling’s ability to move past the infidelity in her marriage? Should she have left her husband or is it a good thing she decided to stay?

[Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP]