Ashley Benson To Leave ‘Pretty Little Liars’?

Warning: spoilers for the Pretty Little Liars season finale are ahead!

Is Ashley Benson leaving Pretty Little Liars? That’s what some people are wondering after the shocking finale. Benson’s character Hanna was kidnapped and possibly murdered by someone who goes by the initials “A.D.” So, many fans are wondering if Benson will leave the show.

E! caught up with showrunner Marlene King, who hinted at Hanna’s fate while stating that Ashley Benson’s character will be incorporated in some fashion in Pretty Little Liars.

“Well, even when people are dead they still stay on our show. So that’s what I will say. Look at Andrea Parker! And Alison DiLaurentis! It’s always been our goal, no one is safe from ‘A’ and no one is safe from being ‘A.'”

So, it looks like even if Hanna winds up dead, she will still appear on the show in some form.

Since some fans were freaking out about the news, star Ashley Benson had a lot to say about the fate of her character.

As The Inquisitr reported, Benson said, “Let’s hope that Hanna’s okay! That’s all I can say. Let’s hope that she’s alive and doing well. It’s questionable at this point.”

She might’ve worried fans by being secretive about her role in the upcoming season of Pretty Little Liars, but at least she didn’t ghost out on her fandom after a pretty crazy season finale.

Benson doesn’t sound too sure if all the characters will make it all the way through to next season, given the nature of the show.

“You know, it’s not out of the question. Marlene has hinted to that too, just to get the fans curious. I mean, it really could be Hanna, you never know. You may not see me next season guys.”

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Ashley Benson said goodbye to her series regular credit. She’s been rising in Hollywood, thanks to her side projects like the critically acclaimed film Spring Breakers, which she had a main role in. Other projects she’s been involved in include Pixels, Chronically Metropolitan, and Elvis & Nixon, which debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The other big shocker was that Mary Drake is the twin of Alison’s mother. Mary Drake, played by Andrea Parker, is set to return next season as a series regular, so we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of her. Mary Drake has a big role in the upcoming season because viewers learned that she has paired up with Alison’s husband to get revenge on behalf of her daughter Charlotte for her murder. In case you’re confused, Charlotte is Alison’s cousin.

E! asked King if actress Andrea Parker knew what was coming in the season finale, and the showrunner explained.

“I told her a lot of it actually for the season five finale, where we told the story of Charlotte and what happened that night. But she didn’t know she was going to be a twin. She knows more than actually anyone on the show, except for one other Pretty Little Liar, who always gets information out of me.”

So far, we don’t know if Season 7 will be Pretty Little Liar’s last. It was suspected after King’s interview with Variety, but then her comments on Season 7 being the final season of the show turned out to be a misquote. Either way, it seems like it’s going to be one crazy ride.

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