Ant-Man Swipes Captain America’s Shield! Chris Evans, Paul Rudd, And Robert Downey Jr. Reveal More Details

Over the last few weeks, Chris Evans, Paul Rudd, and Robert Downey Jr. have all shared a few more tidbits about the highly-anticipated Captain America: Civil War film that’s set to hit theaters in a couple of months. Most recently, Paul Rudd shared on The Late Late Show with James Corden that he was finally able to fulfill a lifelong dream of his: to be Captain America for just a moment.

While in costume as Ant-Man, Rudd admitted to “borrowing” Captain America’s shield while actor Chris Evans went to the bathroom.

“Chris Evans went to the bathroom and he handed his shield to the prop guy,” he said, then gestured to the crowd to show that he took the shield and put it on his arm. “But you know, I told somebody that it felt like I was Cousin Oliver to the rest of the rest of the Brady Bunch because I didn’t know what to say. It was like ‘Whoa, there’s Iron Man’… pretty amazing.”

Rudd couldn’t help but make a few jabs at his own character, Ant-Man, a superhero who can shrink to the size of an ant, all while using his mind powers to have insects do his bidding. Rudd jokingly said that compared to the rest of the superheroes in the Avengers crew, this little guy who talks to ants is just “cute.”

But all in all, Rudd said his experience on the set of Captain America: Civil War so far has been unforgettable.

“It was amazing. Because I worked on Ant-Man, but no one else was around except for Auntie Mac who was there for a couple of days, and that was pretty cool. And then all of a sudden it’s Civil war, and they were all there, and I just kind of couldn’t get over the fact that that was… wow… Captain America and his shield.”

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. also joined the Civil War conversation this week at the Kids’ Choice Awards. They revealed a brand new trailer, which showed even more action sequences between some of the Avengers’ finest, including Captain America, Black Pather, and Falcon. It revealed even more of the conflict behind the opposing teams and what they’re fighting for. It even shows War Machine lying on the ground, unconscious or possibly dead.

Watch the full trailer provided by Marvel Entertainment below.

Chris Evans has specifically shared on Twitter his excitement for the newest Civil War trailer. He stated that the new trailer actually “broke” his brain.

He also told that the new film will change everything for the Avengers.

“They will change the dynamic forever,” he said.

The director, Joe Russo, says something similar.

“The Avengers might still be fractured in future sequels,” he stated. “There will be a long lasting fallout from the events of this movie. It will significantly alter the psychology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward.”

Robert Downey Jr. obviously concurs with the statement, since he posted this meme to his Twitter page earlier this week.

It looks like there may be some lasting damage for all the Avengers characters we’ve come to know and love. Paul Rudd as Ant-Man and Tom Holland as Spider-Man are also being dragged into the fray for the first time to join the Avengers team. It’s not yet clear how these two characters will fit in, but the courses of their stories may change forever as well.

Watch for more news from Chris Evans, Paul Rudd, Robert Downey Jr., and the other Avengers in the future as the May 6 opening for Captain America: Civil War draws near.

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