Despite Scandal: Robert Pattinson Not Canceling “Cosmopolis” Press Appearances, Says Rep

Entertainment Tonight’s shock Tuesday announcement that Robert Pattinson had canceled an upcoming U.S press appearance for his new film Cosmopolis – was, in fact, incorrect.

Media confusion erupted when ET Online’s senior editor Jarret Wiselman tweeted that the studio had confirmed the pull-out to Entertainment Tonight.

The ‘Pattinson-cancels’ story was then repeated by numerous media outlets following ETOnline’s ‘scoop’ – including the myth-busting Us Weekly.

However, Pattinson’s rep has categorically denied the story.

“Cosmopolis is a film that Robert is very proud of and looks forward to supporting,” the spokesperson told E!News.

The rep added,

“No confirmed engagements have been canceled.Any reports to the contrary are inaccurate.”

No-one knows how ET!Online got it so wrong. With news cycles moving so fast sometimes mishaps – happen. What is alarming, is that so many outlets ran with it without checking their own sources first.


Robert Pattinson will be appearing at scheduled promotion events ahead of Cosmopolis’ first U.S premiere in New York City on August 13 – before its release in Los Angeles and New York on August 17. The film will then be rolled out on limited release in selected U.S cities from August 24. [Further theater listings are likely to follow.]

This means, of course, that the sold-out New York Times Q and A event with Pattinson and Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg at The Times Center on August 15 is also going ahead. Pattinson will also be attending the Cosmopolis premiere in NYC on August 13.

As for the L.A press junket, according to the rep it was only “tentatively scheduled” for August 10-11 and has now been “scrapped.”

Though Pattinson abruptly left his Los Feliz home following last week’s revelations of Kristen Stewart’s affair with Snow White and The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, Cosmopolis – acritical game changer for the actor after its Cannes debut – is clearly something he’s proud of and wants to support.

See the U.S trailer for Cosmopolis and a taster of the just released behind-the-scenes stills from Cosmopolis below. The rest can be seen at hosting exclusively for Caitlin Cronenberg and Entertainment One Films.

Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg on Cosmopolis set

Get in the limo with Eric Packer

Robert Pattinson, David Cronenberg and crew on Cosmopolis film

David Cronenberg, Robert Pattinson and Kevin Durand on set
Downtime on the Cosmopolis set

Released in New York and L.A on August 17, Cosmopolis will play in these U.S theaters from August 24. Adapted from Don DeLillo’s 2003 novel of the same name, Cosmopolis follows Eric Packer, a disaffected, billionaire financier on 24 wild hours as he crosses an imploding Manhattan in a white limo. Pursued by an anonymous assassin, a pie-provocateur and his own existential demons, Packer’s search for a haircut is really a search for meaning in a world that has none. Paul Giamatti, Juliet Binoche, Samantha Morton, Sarah Gadon, Mathieu Amalric, Emily Hampshire, Patricia McKenzie and Jay Baruchel also star. Distributed by Entertainment One Films U.S.