Election Results And Delegate Count Analysis: March 15 Increased Lead For Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

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The election results and delegate count as of the March 15 primaries shows Trump and Clinton as clear leaders in their respective races. Marco Rubio has dropped out of the race, according to CNN, after failing to win in his home state of Florida. That leaves only three Republican candidates and two Democrat candidates.

Donald Trump Election Results And Delegate Count Leads The Republicans

It is unclear whether Marco Rubio’s departure will help Trump or Cruz more, but it should make it easier for one of the candidates to obtain the necessary delegates for the nomination. It could, however, increase Ted Cruz’s numbers more than Trump’s, since Cruz was considered to be most similar to Rubio.

Donald Trump’s March 15 election results and delegate count have increased his lead according to Real Clear Politics, but will it be enough to get him the nomination without being contested? Will there be enough delegates left to produce a clear winner? Today, Trump has 621 delegates, Cruz has 396, and Kasich has 138. Rubio has withdrawn from the race with 168 delegates.

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So far, Trump has a little over half the delegates he needs to win. Kasich got the winner-take-all 66 delegates from Ohio. He also picked up nine delegates in North Carolina. Kasich and Rubio would be nearly tied for last place had Rubio not dropped out. Trump has an over 220-delegate lead over his nearest contender, Ted Cruz, and an almost unspeakable lead over Kasich.

Election Results and Delegate Count

Trump got 39 percent of the votes
Donald Trump 99 delegates

Trump got 39 percent of the vote

Trump got 41 percent of the vote

North Carolina
Trump got 40 percent of the votes
Donald Trump 29 delegates
Ted Cruz 26 delegates
Marco Rubio 5 delegates
John Kasich 9 delegates

John Kasich got 47 percent of the votes
John Kasich 66 delegates

Northern Marianas
Trump 9 delegates

Hillary Clinton Election Results And Delegate Count Leads Democrat Bernie Sanders

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Hillary Clinton had great election results, and her delegate count is way up according to Real Clear Politics. She now has 1,094 while Bernie Sanders has 774 pledged delegates. The nomination would require 2,383 for either of the candidates. Hillary is claiming 1,561 votes, including 467 superdelegates. Bernie has 800 when he includes the 26 superdelegates that now say they support him.

Hillary Clinton’s lead is big, but not nearly as big as is being reported elsewhere. While many major news agencies continue to list superdelegates as if they were committed, anyone who understands politics knows superdelegates are not committed in any way until they vote at the convention, and their endorsement at this stage of the election means absolutely nothing. The candidate with the most committed delegates and the popular vote will likely also have the support of the superdelegates.

The most interesting race of the evening was Missouri, which declared a tie once all the votes were counted. Neither candidate prevailed.

Bernie Sanders election results were close, but his delegate count did not increase as much as Hillary’s. Sanders would need some landslide victories in remaining states to obtain many superdelegates and win the nomination. So far, he is behind on committed delegates, but these close races are not setting either candidate apart as a popular vote winner. The Democrat party is almost evenly split, especially in northern and western states, but Hillary seems to have strong support in the South. So many of these races are virtually 50 percent of the votes to each, with only tenths of a percent separating Clinton and Sanders. Yet, Hillary seems to be edging Bernie out by just a bit even in those close races.

Clinton got 64 percent of the votes
Hillary Clinton 124
Bernie Sanders 60

Clinton got 50 percent of the votes
Hillary Clinton 68
Bernie Sanders 64

Hillary Clinton received 50 percent of the votes
Bernie Sanders received 49 percent of the votes

North Carolina
Hillary Clinton 59 delegates
Bernie Sanders 42 delegates

Hillary Clinton 75 delegates
Bernie Sanders 54 delegates

Republican election results and delegate count for the March 15 primaries come as no surprise, as Donald Trump is taking the nation by storm. It is still unclear, though, how much the Republican establishment will contest him if he doesn’t have the numbers required for the nomination, due to the number of candidates who have hung on in this primary taking delegates. Republicans have not decided what they will do with the delegates held by candidates no longer in the running.

Democrat election results and delegate count are starting to give Hillary Clinton a clear lead, and it would take repeated future landslides to make Sanders the winner.

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