July 14, 2017
Phaedra Parks Criticizes Kandi Burruss For Fueling Speculation She Called The Feds

Phaedra Parks has a problem with Kandi Burruss fueling the speculation that she was the one who alerted the federal authorities that some of Apollo Nida's possessions were at Kandi and Todd Tucker's home. On Monday, Phaedra appeared on Dish Nation, where she talked with co-star and Dish Nation host Porsha Williams about the rumor that she sent the feds to Kandi and Todd's home.

Phaedra criticized Kandi for seemingly being fine with her despite apparently still questioning her.

"If you have friends that you think would do something like that to you, why would you come to my Christmas event? Why would you allow me to come visit you in the hospital after you had your baby? And then, why would you allow me to throw you a baby shower?"
On The Real Housewives of Atlanta season finale episode that aired on Sunday night, Porsha, during a visit to Phaedra's home, told Phaedra that it was all over the news that federal authorities went to Kandi and Todd's home and seized the items that they had belonging to Apollo Nida, Phaedra's estranged husband who is currently serving a eight-year sentence for bank fraud and identity theft and owes the government restitution.

The feds' visit took place when Phaedra was in Delaware with her children visiting Apollo in prison. Porsha was clearly shocked as she read the news to Phaedra. Yet besides making some "hmmm" sounds and saying that the development "was very interesting," Phaedra didn't have much of a reaction. Porsha pointed out how scary it must have been for Kandi.

Phaedra, referencing her accusation made earlier in the season that Kandi made the feds come to her house after Kandi and Todd revealed in an episode that they had Apollo's 4-wheeler and motorbike, quickly replied that she knows exactly how that feels.

Phaedra said that she hopes that Kandi and Todd are now taking the situation seriously because the feds are not to be messed with. Porsha said that she hopes that Kandi's not thinking that it's Phaedra who called the feds, to which Phaedra responded, "Child. Bye!"

Porsha continued her line of questioning by asking Phaedra if Kandi has spoken to her about what happened. Phaedra said she hadn't. Phaedra then said she wonders what Kandi would think if she had some of Todd's things at her home, making it clear that she still has resentment over Kandi and Todd storing some of Apollo's things at their home without her approval and knowledge.

Viewers will see Kandi and Todd in more heated arguments with Phaedra. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the preview for the season 8 reunion show shows Todd implying that Phaedra knew more about Apollo's crimes than she's letting on.

Kandi Burrus and Todd Tucker actually appeared on Andy Cohen's talk show Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night after The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 8 finale episode. Kandi explained what happened when the feds showed up.

"They came to inquire if he had anything at our house, and we just said yes. It was just a bike and a four-wheeler. It wasn't like we had all this stuff."
She also said that she wasn't scared.
"I wasn't scared, to be honest with you. It's not like they had a search warrant or anything. I was just like, 'OK, yeah his bike is there.'"
As for whether she thinks Phaedra had anything to do with the feds' visit, Kandi didn't rule it out but pretty much said that it's a possibility.
"That episode where [Phaedra] and I were trying to resolve our issues, and she was like 'Well, the feds have been coming to me about his stuff,' that aired that week [the feds visited]. But then she also was upset with Todd about something that he tweeted or something. It was so weird because then a couple days later this happened, so I didn't know if it was because of the TV show or if it was because she was upset. I didn't know. The timing of it was so weird."
As for where things stand between her and Phaedra Parks now, Kandi Burruss said that they recently saw one another and hugged. Yet she also admitted that they didn't talk. About a week ago, both Phaedra and Kandi attended Tameka "Tiny" Harris' baby shower.
[Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]