'The 100' Fans Still Angry Over Lexa's Death, Start Fundraiser Campaign

What do fans do when they are angry over the death of a character? When it comes to The 100, they start a Fundraiser campaign, which is something they did with the loss of Lexa from the show. This has followed a social media campaign with the hashtag #LGTBFansDeserveBetter.

The backlash against The 100 creator Jason Rothenberg all started due to the decision to kill off Lexa, the Grounder Commander, in Episode 7 of the recent season. Many fans were disappointed, but the LGBT community hit back at the show creator, saying that it is disrespectful to the community as a whole. Clarke and Lexa's relationship -- shipped as Clexa -- was something this and many other shows fail to offer.

That being said, the show also has another gay couple this season. Nathan and Bryan have been seen living together even though they appear to be on opposite sides of Counsellor Pike's mission to destroy all the Grounders. Rothenberg has not removed all gay characters from the show, but this couple has not had the same following as Clexa.

So far, the 100 fundraiser campaign has raised almost $43,500 with 1,638 donations. The end goal is $45,000, and it is expected to get there by the end of the week. The campaigners says that Lexa's death is something "sorry" cannot fix, and there is a "feeling of emptiness and betrayal" among 100 fans, according to the Washington Blade. While there is little the campaigners can do in changing Season 3 of the show, they can band together to put their anger and pain to good use.

All of the money raised will go to The Trevor Project, which is the only suicide prevention helpline offering help for gay and lesbian mental health sufferers. It helps LGBT youths with all sorts of problems and is a very important part of the world.

When Lexa was killed in The 100, thousands of fans took to message boards and social media to share their anger and disappointment. The relationship had still not finished growing, and there were still tensions due to their feelings for each other. Lexa could have changed the whole Grounder mindset with some time and patience, and she may have even learned to say "I love you."

Angry fans also started a petition to bring Lexa back. They want to see more happiness on the show, because the TV and real world are already so full of violence. The 100 is a show all about violence, so seeing love blossom now and then is important.

This is also going to set up Clarke, possibly closing her heart off. The two people she has fallen in love with have now died. First there was Finn, who she killed mercifully to save him a Grounder death. Now Lexa's death will really hurt.

Those who started the petition said that Lexa wanted to bring peace, another reason why she should be brought back. However, Clarke was the one to push her towards peace. She has always been the one who wanted to create some sort of friendship with the Grounders and has pushed working with them in the past. Peace is still possible, especially with Kane, Abby, and Octavia still around.

"I only had the use of her as an actor for seven episodes, six really. There was a date for certain at which we were going to lose her and after that it would be very difficult to arrange to see her again and that definitely played a big role in my decision to have the story go in that direction."

According to Rothenberg, it is possible that he did not have a choice but to take Lexa out. Australian actress Alycia Debnam-Carey had to cut down her episodes due to her commitments to Fear the Walking Dead. He has admitted that her role may have influenced his decision to kill the character off. If that was the case, the 100 LGBT fans say they would have preferred a better way for Lexa to go, rather than being killed accidentally by one of her own people.

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