November 18, 2016
Khloe Kardashian Fans Trash Photo Showing 'Fake' Derriere And Explicit Quote

Khloe Kardashian posts yet another picture of herself in chic black top and figure-hugging jeans. However, like always, her derriere looks unnatural, and it seems like her fans are not going to take it. The fans were quite upfront with their nasty comments. However, the picture was not the only problem here. Khloe's fans did not even like the quote that went with the picture: "Don't f*** with me, cause I'm the wrong one." The picture also had a caption that went: "You know KhloMoney does NOT play!!! KhloMoney-isms for any situation on my app! Link in bio." It seems like Khloe is definitely busy promoting herself, but it all seems to be backfiring.

One fan went on to say: "She wanna "claim" she's hood but won't ride solo in or through the hood. Kim has the emojis & now Khloe is about to introduce a new hustle....'ism's'. Khloe's stealing the 'ism's ' from urban culture and gonna claim them as her own. It's easy to talk tough when you are surrounded by security guards in a gated community. Khloe sit you fake lopsided ass down & stfu!" The fans seem to think that Khloe is now aping her sister Kim Kardashian, who has already come up with her trademark emojis. Do you think Khloe might just be coming up with her trademark -isms to make herself more popular among her fans? Well, Khloe is known to make news, and this is a possibility that can't be ruled out.Another Khloe fan was a bit for upfront and said: "starting to dislike her," while another went: "More like she's the fake one lol. People who have to defend themselves so much have to convince themselves that they are in the right when their not." While other were sarcastic: "Such a poetic and inspirational quote. #idiot". Those comments were only about the quote she floated with her picture. There were several other fans who believed she has had plastic surgery and gave her some advice on her surgeon. "Seriously Kloe??? You should spent all the money you have and.sue your surgeon, that's a bad a**!!"But there were some true Khloe fans who jumped to her rescue but only did not! Here's the sample : "All these people getting hyped for what? A quote? Y'all too sensitive now these days.. This is what she wants, to freak some people out to gain more publicity because any publicity for the kardashians is good publicity and all you are doing is gaining her more and making her more money without her having to sweat over anything.. I mean what's the point of sweating all that make up off if she has all of these haters in the comments working for her for free gaining her more publicity." Well, it's true Khloe likes to share her life with the fans, and what better way to do it than put it up on Instagram for all to see. Right? But it seems like Khloe needs to be slightly cautious about what she is posts. Not everyone likes everything.

This is not the first time Khloe has posted a picture that showed her trademark backside. Her earlier picture, which had her wearing a black top and blue jeans too, was severely criticized by her fans.

Khloe has not really shied away from talking about surgery. She has been quite upfront about it. She had told Cosmopolitan that plastic surgery should be viewed as make-up. She even cleared out the the misconception that she isn't into plastic surgery. "I think plastic surgery should be viewed almost like makeup, because we're all putting on a f**king mask basically every day anyway," Khloe Kardashian said.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]