‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Buzz Over Maddie Ziegler’s Potential Departure Swirls As Team Faces Next Competition In ‘The Maddie Rumor’

What can viewers expect from Tuesday’s episode of Dance Moms? Spoilers tease that this will be a very interesting show, as it focuses on the ongoing rumors about Maddie Ziegler possibly leaving the show. This one was filmed during the buzz surrounding the People’s Choice Awards and it sounds as if the moms, Abby Lee Miller, and the girls will all be speculating about the possibility that the teen will be ready to move on to other projects.

As TV Guide notes, the Season 6, Episode 11 show is titled simply “The Maddie Rumor.” After the nominations for the People’s Choice Awards were made last November, Maddie Ziegler and her mom, Melissa Gisoni, were at the center of a lot of buzz that the dancer might be ready to move on from Dance Moms and the Abby Lee Dance Company.

The teen was nominated in the “Daily Mail Seriously Popular Award” category, alongside the likes of Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Bella Thorne, and Ruby Rose, noted the award show’s blog at the time. When the awards were handed out in January, Ziegler scooped up the big title, generating a great deal of talk about where she heads next.


As Dance Moms spoiler previews via the show’s Facebook page show, Melissa was holding back on saying much about the rumors of Maddie’s ALDC departure, and Abby was talking to the teen about how important it was for her to keep dancing. Jill and the other moms were feeling somewhat annoyed by Melissa’s lack of clarity on the topic, as the rest of them wanted to know what comes next for the team as a whole.

During this next episode, Dance Moms spoilers tease that not only will everybody be buzzing about Maddie and the awards show, but they will be irked by Abby’s companion for the event. Melissa gave Abby an extra ticket and teasers detail that Miller decides spur-the-moment to take Brynn as her guest. This does not go over well at all, based on the latest previews for the episode.


Viewers will see the minis dance team back in the mix this week and one family causes some significant drama leading up to the competition. Just who is the source of the drama in this next episode? Dance Moms spoilers indicate that Kaylee Quinn, along with sisters Rihanna and Coco, were initially involved in the pieces put together for this competition. However, some sort of attitude issue is rumored to have sparked an early departure by mom Jeannie and her three girls.


How does the ALDC fare in this next competition? Dance Moms spoilers from fans who followed the competition indicate that it was a bit tough to get solid results. However, it sounds as if Maddie’s solo, titled “The People’s Choice… or Not,” took first place in both the teen and overall categories, according to the “dancemomsspoilers_” Instagram account.

JoJo Siwa is also said to have a solo in Tuesday’s episode, and Dance Moms spoilers detail that she takes second in the junior division and third overall. The ALDC group dance by the older girls reportedly features Maddie, Nia, Kendall, Kalani, JoJo and Brynn and is titled “The Vultures.” The group seemingly takes first place in the teen division. The minis team takes second in the petite division, while a duet featuring Jordan and Sammy scores first in their category.


As for those rumors about Maddie Ziegler leaving Dance Moms, it seems that ultimately that has played out to be correct. While it is not known exactly how far Melissa and the girls had progressed in their plans to leave the show at the time this episode was taped, the family recently bid farewell to the series, and that will be featured in an episode coming not too far down the road. Melissa may be playing coy during this episode, but it looks like indeed, the Ziegler gals are soon headed off to focus on other projects.

Will these Dance Moms spoilers about the next competition, including the sudden departure of the Quinn girls, play out to be accurate? Who will become Abby Lee Miller’s favorite, if the series manages to continue given Miller’s fraud case, after Maddie Ziegler’s departure?

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