Donald Trump ‘Massive’ Ohio Rally Full Replay: Trump Mocks Top Backer Chris Christie, Rips John Kasich

Donald Trump cancelled a rally in Florida Monday to stage what his campaign called a “massive” rally that can be seen in a full replay below, after taking place on an airfield just outside of Youngstown, Ohio. The last-minute rally was Trump’s bid to wrest that state away from its governor, and Trump’s Republican rival, John Kasich who currently holds a slight edge in polls there.

Trump ripped Kasich as an absentee governor for Ohio. However, he also mocked New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Trump’s most prominent endorser who introduced him at the Youngstown rally and was on stage with Trump at the time, for “moving to New Hampshire” before the primary there.

If Trump could win Ohio on Tuesday, March 15, he could come out of the Super Tuesday primaries with well more than half of the delegates he needs to wrap up the party’s presidential nomination.

To watch a full replay of the Donald Trump rally from Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport, about 10 miles outside of Youngstown itself, scroll down this page for video.

After a turbulent weekend that started Friday with violent outbreaks at a Trump rally in St, Louis, Missouri, followed by the cancellation of a rally in Chicago, Illinois, that same evening when hundreds of demonstrators protesting Trump’s statements on immigration and other issues turned up and — at least according to Trump — created a security risk.

The Republican frontrunner started his week Monday morning back in North Carolina, the state where, at a March 9 rally, a supporter punched an African-American demonstrator in the face. Trump has since said he would “look into” paying that supporter’s legal fees, to fight assault charges.

Trump’s Monday rally took place in Hickory, North Carolina, and also attracted a crowd of demonstrators. Watch scenes from outside that Hickory, North Carolina, rally in the video below, courtesy of The Charlotte Observer newspaper.

Five states go to the polls Tuesday — and three of those are “winner take all” states, meaning that whoever gets the most votes in the primary takes home all of the pledged delegates, rather than awarding them on a proportional basis.

In the race for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump currently holds 463 delegates. That’s 37 percent of the 1,237 needed to secure the presidential nomination. If Trump wins the three winner-take-all states — Ohio, Florida and Missouri — he claims a haul of 217 new delegate in his column, taking him to 680, 55 percent of the way there.

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Trailing Kasich by a slim three percentage points according to the polling average, Trump’s last-minute schedule change to bring him into Ohio one more time before Tuesday’s balloting clearly indicates that Trump is not content to sit back and wait to win the Republican race. He wants to lock it up fast.

Watch the Donald Trump Ohio rally full replay in the video below.

An Ohio win would bring Trump 66 delegates. He was originally scheduled to hold a rally at a country club in Florida on Monday evening, but polls appear to show that Donald Trump has that state with its 99 winner-take-all delegates locked up.

According to the Pollster average, Trump leads Florida senator, and native, Marco Rubio by 21.7 points. And Trump’s poll numbers have trended sharply upward over the last week, suggesting that he may pull off an even more crushing victory that the current polling numbers suggest.

In the third winner-take-all state, Missouri with 52 delegates, polling has been scant. But one poll released March 10 showed Trump leading Texas Senator Ted Cruz by seven points there.

Trump has simply treated the violent incidents at his rallies as if it did not exist.

“There’s no violence. How many people have been hurt at our rallies? I think, like basically none, other than I guess maybe somebody got hit once or something,” he told the crowd at his Hickory, North Carolina, Mobday morning. “But there’s no violence.”

Donald Trump has not announced any new rallies after the Monday event in Youngstown. The next Republican primaries after March 15 will be held on Tuesday, March 22, in Arizona and Utah.

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