Harry Styles Lands A Supporting Role In The New Christopher Nolan Movie Dunkirk

Harry Styles will be headed for Hollywood soon, so that he can start filming his new role in a new Christopher Nolan film, Dunkirk. According to Capital FM, filming will begin in May, and so Harry must leave London and fly back to Hollywood by then. Christopher Nolan directed the blockbuster hit Inception, and also The Dark Knight Trilogy, three movies featuring Batman. He is definitely among the leading film directors in Hollywood.

Harry Styles, and other cast members for the movie Dunkirk, went through an extensive casting process, according to Deadline. Christopher Nolan worked with his co-producer, Emma Thompson, and staff at Warner Brothers to find just the right actors for each part. Styles is said to have really impressed casting with his reading for the role. Plus, it is probable his beautiful, if slightly Americanized, British accent did not hurt any. He really is British, so who better to play a British soldier?

Harry Styles is seen at LAX Airport

Surprisingly, Harry Styles was also picky about which movie he would star in. He had been offered a role in Justin Chadwick’s Tulip Fever, and turned it down before landing this part. Harry was also negotiating with Scream Queens, but this role in Dunkirk will likely keep him too busy to be in a TV show. Harry Styles is very fortunate to be in this important, and likely to be award-winning, movie.

At the same time, Harry Styles should be a tremendous box office draw for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, as his millions of girl fans will want to see a movie they might not normally be that interested in. So, Styles landing a supporting role in Dunkirk is a win, win, win situation with our veteran singer, but brand-new actor, getting a great first film role, producers getting a huge box office draw, and fans getting to see Styles and learn some World War II history at the same time.

Harry Styles will be working in a supporting role on Christopher Nolan’s new movie, Dunkirk, a World War II action thriller. The film will be set in 1940, and portray the British evacuation of Dunkirk. In the film, as in history, a British military operation known as Operation Dynamo rescued 330,000 Allied soldiers. The American soldiers were trapped and surrounded by Hitler’s Nazi forces. Troops were trapped in the harbor with no means of exit, but British intervened in a mission that was nothing short of miraculously effective.

Recording artist Harry Styles of One Direction

Harry Styles will be working alongside veteran actors Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, and newcomer Finn Whitehead. Of course, the cast will be huge. Harry’s part is not one of the leading roles, but it is a strong supporting role, according to Deadline. There will also be an enormous supply of virtual unknown actors with little experience getting their start in Dunkirk, too, literally enough to play an army, but his role is a supporting role. It is not a starring role, but hardly an extra, either. He will have a significant debut, with plenty of time on the big screen.

Harry Styles will be growing a mustache for the role in Dunkirk, but considering the fashion of men’s hair in 1940, and the fact it is a war movie, he will probably be cutting his hair significantly for the part. It is a sad sacrifice, but it will, of course, grow back, once the movie is made.

Harry Styles in his first big film, Dunkirk can be seen in Theaters starting July 21, 2017, so fans will be waiting for a while to see this epic movie.

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