Bernie Sanders Leading Hillary Clinton In Multiple States On Eve Of Super Tuesday 2 – Gaining In Others

On the eve of Super Tuesday 2, the 2016 presidential polls are going crazy to see who is leading before the votes are actually cast and tallied. With a number of huge states having their primaries, some don’t believe the race is all that close. Believe it or not, Bernie Sanders is actually leading in multiple states and gaining on Hillary Clinton in numerous others.

As the Kansas City Star reports, voters in Missouri will head out to the polls on Tuesday for the presidential primary, but some already have their minds made up. Missouri is just one of five states voting on Tuesday in the nomination determinations.

One thing is sure, he’s getting a lot of support from civilians and celebrities alike.

According to the Washington Times, Sanders held a narrow one-point lead over Hillary Clinton as of early Monday afternoon, at 47 percent to 46 percent. He’s holding strong even with just a one-point lead, but he’s gaining in other states at the same time.

On Sunday, the Pubic Policy Polling reported that Sanders is gaining on Clinton in both Ohio and Illinois as well.

In Ohio, Clinton is leading Sanders by a margin of just 46 percent to 41 percent with both Republicans and Independents heavily favoring the latter. It’s almost the exact same way in Illinois, as well, with Clinton leading 48-45, but both Independents and Republicans are heavily on the side of Bernie Sanders.

bernie sanders hillary clinton polls super tuesday 2 florida illinois ohio missouri

Now, there are some polls showing Sanders leading in Illinois, but many of those are only taking the Republican and Independent votes into account. Still, it’s showing the support that Bernie Sanders is getting is really giving him a lot of momentum.

Yes, Clinton has had some huge leads in many of the Super Tuesday 2 states at one point, but that means nothing come vote day. Last week, Sanders pulled a major upset in Michigan after trailing by more than 20 points right before the primary.

That’s where the Sanders’ campaign is hoping history repeats itself as Hillary Clinton holds much bigger leads in both Florida and North Carolina. Both of those states are voting on Tuesday as well, and Clinton is looking like the favorite as of Monday, but anything can happen.

bernie sanders hillary clinton polls super tuesday 2 florida illinois ohio missouri

ABC 11 is reporting that in North Carolina, Hillary Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders by a margin of 56 percent to 37 percent on Monday. Among those who have already cast their ballots early, Clinton has a lead of 68-29, and that could be hard for Sanders to overcome.

In Florida, CNN is barely stating how much of a lead that Hillary Clinton has but simply saying she currently holds a “wide margin” over Sanders. It is believed by many that Sanders truly won’t be able to overcome the deficit in the Sunshine State, but his rallies have told a different story.

Those kinds of turn-outs have been happening all over the state for Bernie Sanders, and now he simply needs them to arrive for Florida’s voting day tomorrow.

Super Tuesday 2 actually seems to be shaping up to be more important and bigger than the first one for the candidates. Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, Florida, and Illinois will have a lot to say tomorrow when voting takes place, but will it be Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton who gets the Democratic nod?

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