Michelle Obama Real Comparison: Let’s Sip This Tea In Unison

Michelle Obama comparisons run rampant through the corridors of the internet. Yet, they’re mostly personal attacks. One man offers Michelle the ultimate explanation.

First Lady Michelle Obama has come under personal attack more than all other FLOTUS members combined. Why is that? Michelle Obama dresses well, remains scandal-free, over-excels in youth and community activism, and unwaveringly supports her husband, President Barack Obama, who also remains scandal-free. What’s really everyone’s problem with First Lady Michelle?

John J. Smith, of Montgomery, Alabama, offers a little insight into the Michelle Obama issue with a comparison. Smith’s Obama comment was based on one of First Lady Michelle’s recent photos. In the picture, Michelle Obama is dressed in a flowered, sleeveless gown — all while she offers the public a genuine smile.

According to Smith, Michelle Obama haters have referenced her as several condescending names, unlike they have done to previous first ladies. He states as follows.

“And haters call her Mooshell and say they both lack class, she can’t measure up to Pat Nixon or Laura Bush. People come on. She ranks way up in class, elegance, beauty, intelligence and education. She has the beauty and elegance of Jackie Kennedy; the tenacity of Rosalyn Carter, the warmth of Betty Ford, the education of Hillary Clinton, the loyalty of Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush and the intelligence of Lady Bird Johnson. I put her at the top of the list and can never understand the hate. Well, I do; but, won’t get into it now.”

You may sip your tea now. However, there’s more from his Michelle Obama post.

While some of Michelle Obama’s naysayers might discount his testimony as “just one person,” there are several more likewise minds who offer a similar opinion about the situation. Smith noted that he actually understood from where the particular brand of Michelle Obama hate comes — and so do many others.

For example, Carolyn Glenn Blackstock, also from Alabama, states that race is simply the issue.

“I have always thought the criticism directed at her [Michelle Obama] was because she was black. Well, folks, this black lady is beautiful; get over it. Research your precious Nancy Reagan, who looked to horoscopes to determine the course her husband should take in one of the highest offices in our country.”

Now, while Carolyn did drift a little off-topic, the initial premise appears to be the majority consensus. Donnie Shackleford, an Alabama native as well, notes, “Her politics has nothing to do with those who stoop to the insults against her, her race does. If Obama had been lily white, the tea baggers would love him.”

Let the congregation sip tea in unison, once again.

Before anyone states that these people are racist, all of the above examples are from the Caucasian demographic. The difference is that they understand the biased nature of Michelle Obama’s critics.

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It’s worth mentioning that Alabama is one of the top-five racist states within America. Auburn University, an Alabama-based college, notes the state’s impact on the history of racism in this country.

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If anyone can recognize when racism is the “hate Michelle” culprit, it would be an Alabamian. These three Michelle Obama activists, and many others, aren’t young either. Moreover, their profiles note that they’re all from this particular southern state. If so, they were definitely living in the area when heavy segregation and Jim Crow laws were in effect. They, along with so many others, have admitted that Michelle Obama is an outstanding first lady and realistically has even fewer flaws than her predecessors.

Feel free to finish your tea now.

All in all, it’s no secret that Michelle Obama and her family have been scrutinized in every way but the right way. For President Obama’s eight-year term, it’s as if character assassination has been the call of the day, every day — for Barack, Michelle, Malia, and Natasha.

Have you ever wondered why Obama had to pass so many executive orders? Well, congressmen, like Mitch McConnell, have taken Obama’s administration through the pits of hell, as far as legislation is concerned. They have opposed nearly everything President Obama has proposed, even up to the recent Supreme Court vacancy, as reports the Oregonian.

The problem hasn’t been in Michelle Obama’s duties or “lack of class,” nor has the problem been President Obama’s terms in office. The problems have come from the House, the Senate, biased media outlets, and the rest of the Obama naysayers of the American public. If any politicians need to be replaced in office, congressmen should be the first to be considered.

However, amid the eight years of negative publicity, Michelle Obama has continued to keep her head held high and her class even higher. After so much Obama hatred, wouldn’t it be the icing on the cake if these naysayers were unknowingly getting ready to “feel the Bern”?

What’s your stance on Michelle Obama? In comparison, do you think First Lady Michelle has done a poor job in her position? Likewise, if you feel that Michelle Obama has done poorly, kindly explain your position.

In addition, and out of curiosity, if Barack and Michelle Obama could run for a third term, would you vote for them? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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