‘The Bachelor’ Ben Higgins And His Fianceé Already Headed For A Split?

Ben Higgins is down to his final two choices as The Bachelor wraps up its 20th season. Although fans still don’t know if Higgins picked JoJo Fletcher or Lauren Bushnell, he did reveal that he popped the big question during the season finale. However, with Higgins sharing intimate moments with both ladies, is his engagement doomed from the start?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Higgins had a difficult time choosing between Fletcher and Bushnell. In fact, during the Fantasy Suite Dates, Higgins told Bushnell that he loved her and then turned right around and did the same to Fletcher. With his emotions torn between the two finalists, Higgins apparently changed his mind several times before coming to a final decision.

This indecision is at the heart of the problem between Higgins and his fiancée. After all, it isn’t easy to tell someone I love you and then turn right around and dump them for someone else. Furthermore, starting a long-term commitment with such conflicting emotions is not an ideal set of circumstances.

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell [Image via ABC]

As of now, most reports indicate that Higgins picked Bushnell over Fletcher, who then agreed to his proposal. However, Hollywood Life is reporting that the finalist is having difficulty dealing with Higgin’s connection to the other woman and is having second thoughts about the marriage.

“She is having a very hard time getting over the fact that Ben told another woman ‘I love you’ within hours of proposing to her,” an insider explained. “The winner knew that Ben had feelings for the runner-up, but she didn’t realize how strong those feelings were until she watched the show. He was indecisive on who to pick until the last minute.”

Higgins has apparently worked hard to reassure his future wife that he loves only her. In fact, this might be one reason behind his decision to announce his proposal ahead of The Bachelor finale, which has been kept a secret until the episodes airs.

“He’s jumping through hoops right now,” the source explained. “Ben went and spoiled all that to prove his love. All he wants is to get married and start a family. He’s made it clear that he’ll do anything for her.”

That being said, it now appears as though Higgin’s efforts are in vain. Although she initially said yes to the proposal, the final contestant is unsure if marrying Higgins is in her best interest.

“She’s telling friends she doesn’t l know if she can go through with the wedding. She feels like their trust is broken,” the source added.

The insider went on to reveal that Higgins wants to go through with the wedding as soon as possible so that he can start a family. Unfortunately, Higgins and his fiancée “have been fighting nonstop” since the finale, with Higgins feeling “emotionally dumped” now that the romance has left.

Ben Higgins and JoJo Fletcher [Image via ABC]

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the situation is more troubling than it may seem. Apparently, Higgins’ fiancée has had enough of his antics and has already called a stop to the wedding plans. Higgins’ love for both finalists appears to be the main reason for the cancellation, although nothing has officially been confirmed.

Of course, the real outcome of the finale is yet to be seen, and Higgins may very well pick Fletcher as his final lady. Whatever ends up happening during the finale, Higgins is going to have a lot of work to do if he wants to keep his relationship with his fiancée strong.

Fans can watch the drama unfold when the Season 20 finale of The Bachelor airs March 14 on ABC.

Tell us! Do you think Ben Higgins and The Bachelor winner will make it down the aisle? Let us know in the comments, and check out the trailer for the finale below.

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