Recent Florida Primary Polls 2016: Democrat And Republican Results Calling Frontrunner Wins

Recent Florida primary polls for the 2016 election are once again showing a sharp divide that favors the Democratic and Republican frontrunners, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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On the Republican side, that means 2016 Florida primary polls are tilting heavily toward Donald, despite the fact that it is his closest competitor’s home state. Senator Marco Rubio’s projected loss is doubly troubling because this will be the first Republican contest to feature a winner-take-all system. Even if he ends up taking a significant portion of the vote, he’ll walk away with absolutely nothing to show for it. For Trump, this is an incredible boon: already beating the rest of the field by more than 100 total delegates, he’ll be given 99 to add to his count. A recovery from there, for any of the other GOP candidates, will be difficult to manage.

That loss, unfortunately for Marco, looks fairly certain. In an average of nine polls released in the run-up to the 2016 Florida primary, Trump was a massive 18.6 percent ahead of Rubio, who was trailed by Ted Cruz at 19.7 percent and John Kasich at 9.6 percent. As usual, these numbers varied depending on what pollster was asking about the GOP candidates.

Florida Atlantic University and FOX News, for instance, put Donald at a 23 percent lead on Marco. Two other polls from Ledger/10 News WTSP and Suffolk University, however, only pointed to a 6 to 9 percent advantage for Trump. Still, these two more optimistic polls for Rubio have some of the smallest samples sizes of the entire group. In contrast, Trafalgar Group’s 2016 Florida primary numbers show an above-average step ahead for Donald and have the biggest sample size of likely voters in the bunch: 1,280.

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For Democrats, the primary polls are once again showing an unbeatable advantage for Hillary in Florida. where there are 246 delegates at stake. Yet Bernie Sanders supporters fresh off a surprise win in Michigan have not given up hope yet. Before that election took place, Bernie was equally far behind in all except one poll that came out the day beforehand, and even that one outlier had him trailing Clinton by 5 percent. Many are wondering if he could come out of the dark and snag the essential 2016 state again.

Despite that enthusiasm, there’s not a poll out there for the Florida Democratic primary that spells good news for Bernie. Still, there are some other indicators that may give him a slightly better omen for 2016. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Sanders drew a crowd of more than 9,000 people to a rally held in the state over the weekend. In contrast, Clinton drew a mere 600 to her own, giving Bernie quite a few more ears to soak up his optimism about Tuesday’s primaries.

“On Tuesday there is going to be a very important primary here in Florida. If there is a large voter turnout, we will win.”

Though the Sanders camp could land another miracle, polls that have been taken so far show a decisive Hillary victory about to take place in the Florida primary. Of all the surveys taken in the last two weeks, Clinton never fell more than 27 percent behind Bernie, and was as much as 45 percent ahead of him — with an average spread of 30.9 percent, reported Real Clear Politics.

Do you think the recent 2016 Florida primary polls will match the results for the Democratic and Republican races?

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