Ben & Jerry’s Is Making Dreams Come True With Three New ‘Core’ Flavors

On Wednesday, ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s released three new “Core” flavors via Snapchat.

“We know enough of our fans are spending time [on Snapchat] and the platform is developed enough where we have a good understanding of how best to tell our story and have some fun with our fans,” Ben & Jerry’s Senior Global Marketing Manager, Jay Curley told Mashable.

Just in time for the warmer weather, Ben & Jerry’s has brought the world three amazing gifts – Brownie Batter Core, Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Core, and Coconuts for Caramel Core.

Ben & Jerry PR Media Maven, Lindsey Bumps told Mashable that the new flavors are “bakery-inspired” and take cues from flavors that have been popular with consumers in the past.

The Core line of ice cream – launched in 2014 – is described by the company as “super-premium ice cream divided by a generous swirl ‘core’ that runs through the center of the pint.” Which basically translates to an ice cream volcano filled with an ooey gooey column of deliciousness just waiting to erupt.

If your ideal Saturday night includes binge-watching Netflix wrapped up in a blanket with a spoon full of raw batter that you just didn’t get around to baking, then the Brownie Batter Core is definitely for you. The Brownie Batter Core flavor has a perfect balance of chocolate and vanilla ice cream filled with brownie chunks that meet up in the center to an unbaked-brownie-batter core.

“Really gooey, almost like hot fudge,” one of the Huffington Post‘s ice cream tasters described. “the chewy brownies are nice, but there’s a whole lot of sweetness going on in here, [and] I’m not sure if everyone could handle it.”

You know that terrible situation waiters put you in at the end of the meal? You know, when they ask which dessert you’d like and you’re thinking ‘one of everything, please’? Well, thanks to B&J you’ll never have to choose between cookies and cheesecake again. The Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Core flavor is a mix of chocolate and cheesecake ice cream filled with cookie crumbles and a decadent cheesecake core.

Huffington Post tasters weighed in, “Really it was just chocolate and vanilla, with little cake bites. Which is fine, it tasted good, but it sounds like it was a marketing attempt to alter a pretty standard ice cream flavor that falls flat.”

If you’re craving a night on the beach, then the Coconuts for Caramel Core flavor will transport your taste buds to a sweet and tropical paradise. With caramel, coconut ice cream, fudge flakes, and a caramel core this treat will definitely satisfy your need for a beachy boardwalk and a summer breeze.

The flavors retail between $4.79 – $4.99 per pint, and a Brownie Batter-inspired flavor will additionally be available in scoop shops. Each flavor is 100 percent Fairtrade and non-GMO.

Other Core ice cream flavors already include, Peanut Butter Fudge, Salted Caramel, That’s My Jam, Hazed & Confused, and Karamel Sutra.

In addition to creating an awesome new batch of Core flavors, last month Ben & Jerry’s launched a new line of non-dairy frozen treats and made a special ice cream for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, called “Bernie’s Yearning.”

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Ben & Jerry’s]