Peter Dinklage: First Time Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

Peter Dinklage, best known for his role as Tyrion Lannister on the popular television series Game of thrones, has been announced as the host for the April 2 episode of NBC’s Satuday Night Live. Gwen Stefani will also be making her fourth Saturday Night Live appearance on this episode as a musical guest in order to promote her newest solo album This is What The Truth Feels Like. Fans of Game of Thrones will undoubtedly enjoy a chance to see the familiar face of one of the shows most loved characters. This will be a first-time experience for Dinklage, who previously had only performed as a cameo portraying a character loosely based off of himself, Peter Drunklage. News of Dinklage hosting was announced Satuday, March 12, in an episode of Saturday Night Live, and through the show’s Twitter page.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 19: Actor Peter Dinklage attends The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Presents An Evening With "Game of Thrones" at TCL Chinese Theatre on March 19, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Game of thrones fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the series on April 24. Who knows, maybe Dinklage will give us a hint as to what his character is up to, aside from trying to hold together a city of people who despise him. While trying to cope with the poking and prodding of one of the shows sneakiest characters, Varys. Regardless of whether or not we get any hints about the upcoming season of Games of Thrones, we do know one thing for sure. Dinklage is sure to give a great performance hosting SNL.

Peter Dinklage is known primarily for his dramatic roles including Dr. Bolivar Trask (X-men: Days of Future Past), and Tyrion Lannister, for which he won Golden Globe award in 2012, and two Primetime Emmy awards one in 2011 and the other 2015. All three of these awards were in the category of outstanding supporting actor in a drama series. However, it would be a disservice to Dinklage not to mention his comedy chops as well. Some of Dinklage’s comedic roles include: Elf and Death at a Funeral. Dinklage portrayed the same character in both the English and American version of the latter. Dinklage’s most recent adventure into the world of comedic roles was in the 2015 action, sci-fi, comedy picture Pixels. Dinklage played the role of Eddie Plant a minor antagonist/anti-hero who was dishonestly crowned the Donkey Kong world champion; he used cheat codes. Later in the film, Eddie is released from prison and manages to put his cheat codes to good use in order to save the world from an invading species of aliens who decided to take the form of old ’80s arcade games, most notably a giant Pac-Man.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - MARCH 23: Actor Peter Dinklage attends the premiere of HBO's 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 at San Francisco Opera House on March 23, 2015 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The possibility of getting any real information about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones is virtually non-existent, but it definitely would not be much of a surprise if Dinklage threw in a few comments intended to poke fun of all of the fans that are bound to be eagerly awaiting some kind of hint. Whether it be a confirmation of the death of Jon Snow, which some fans are still violently defying, or the status of the youngest Stark boy, who has not been seen in well over a season. But, what kind of actor would open a can of worms like that less than a month before the premiere of the season in question?

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