WWE News: Former World Champion Christian Confirms That He Is Likely Retired

Not having wrestled in a match since March 2014, former WWE World Heavyweight champion Christian said on a recent edition of Talk is Jericho that he believes his wrestling career is finished.

Appearing on Chris Jericho’s podcast with his longtime friend and tag team partner Edge, the discussion turned to the recently retired Daniel Bryan and how concussions ended his career. Concussions played a big role in ending Christian’s career but in his case, the 42-year-old admits his career was winding down whereas Bryan was still in his prime.

“Honestly, we haven’t even sat down and had that conversation yet. So in my mind, it’s probably the last time. But when I look back on it, it’s one of those things. I think if it had been taken away kind of abruptly when I was like 29 or 30, and I still had so much left to accomplish, like, honestly, I probably accomplished more than I ever dreamed that I would.”

Concussions played a significant part in ending the in-ring careers of both Daniel Bryan and Christian. [Image via WWE]

In the years before Christian stepped away from the ring, injuries became a concern for “Captain Charisma.” Below is a complete list of Christian’s injury history since his return to the WWE in early 2009.

  • September 2010: Torn pectoral muscle (Six months)
  • November 2011: Severe high ankle sprain (Three months)
  • March 2012: Written off television after match vs. CM Punk due to lingering shoulder issues (Two months)
  • August 2012: Re-aggravated shoulder injury (10 months)
  • August 2013: Concussion in RAW match vs. Randy Orton (Several weeks)
  • March 2014: Mild concussion in final match (Career-ending)

Prior to that myriad of injuries, Christian was viewed as one of pro wrestling’s most durable performers, as he never missed any extended amount of time with either the WWE (1998-2005) or during his three-year run with Total Nonstop Action (TNA). However, the aforementioned Edge, a WWE Hall of Famer (Class of 2011) was a prime example of how serious injuries in wrestling significantly shorten careers.

A serious neck injury in 2003 cost Edge over a year of his career. After he returned in 2004, the former 11-time WWE champion suffered through several other injuries: groin (2004), torn pectoral muscle (2007), torn Achilles tendon (2009), and neck issues that ended his career in 2011.

Christian leaves the ring as a respected veteran who achieved a lot during his two-decade career. He is a former two-time World Heavyweight champion, two-time ECW champion, four-time Intercontinental champion, nine-time WWE Tag Team champion, and has enjoyed stints as European, Light Heavyweight, and Hardcore champion.

Christian has been a WWE titleholder on 20 different occasions. He is WWE's 23rd Triple Crown winner and 12th Grand Slam winner. [Image via WWE]

Quite often, tag teams that split up see one member of the duo go on to enjoy a significantly more successful career than their partner. While Edge is a current Hall of Famer and was, at one time, a main event mainstay in WWE, Christian enjoyed a successful career in his own right.

Edge and Christian are still active with the WWE, including their WWE Network show The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness. They have also made sporadic appearances on WWE television to help further storylines in segments with The Authority and New Day.

“And, so, to look back, I’m like, ‘man, that’s a pretty good career. Not many people can say that they’ve had the career that I did,’ so in that respect, I can’t really be too mad about that or think in those terms. But, you have to put your health and your family first and I think that helps.”

[Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images]