Doctors Told U.K. Woman Cancer Cells Would Prevent Her From Conceiving A Child, She Inserted Leeches Into Her Vagina With Unexpected Results

Nina Evans, a woman now in her 50s, was told by her doctors in London that she would no longer be able to have children due to the appearance of myomas within her uterus. As a result, a hysterectomy would be required to remove the cancerous fibroids. Evans, unwilling to accept the doctor’s warnings, decided to search out other answers and potential cures, rather than taking away her ability to have more children. As a result, she found leech therapy.

Evans was willing to try anything to prove the doctors wrong and have more children. So, when leech therapy was found to be a potentially viable option, she decided to give it a try.

Her first child is now 28-years-old, according to Metro, and after marrying for a second time, she wanted another child, despite her age.

“I chose leeches because I was born in Lithuania and leech therapy is used for a whole range of illnesses.”

Evans always heard that leeches could cure anything, so she did what many woman would never attempt — she inserted leeches into her vagina, hoping they would cure her of the cancerous fibroids and allow her to once again conceive.

“They’re considered a general cure for all, and I knew from experience, having had leech treatment before, that it gave you more energy and a more positive outlook.”

Nina began her leech treatment by placing them on various locations outside of her body, as many often do. She found that she was soon feeling better than she had in a long time, and wondered if there might be a way to get the leeches closer to her cancerous fibroids, potentially removing them altogether. As a result, her research led her to St. Petersburg, Russia, where she found a specialist that created a technique to insert leeches into the cervix and reap the benefits internally, according to the Daily Mail.

“I know this will horrify people but the blood flow to the area is more prominent and the leeches can suck out bad toxins in the blood more easily while the saliva they produce could get into the body’s blood supply fast.”

Although willing to do almost anything, Evans does admit that placing the leeches inside her vagina was not a pleasant thought at first.

“I noticed almost immediately a sense of feeling better but the thought of leeches placed inside me was a little daunting. My first treatment was like having a smear.”

The doctor used a speculum to place the leaches, three of them, inside of her vagina, where they attached themselves to her cervix. The leeches were left there to feast until they were full and simply dropped out on their own. As a precaution, the leeches were counted each time they were inserted and counted again as they fell out, ensuring that none were left behind.

Realizing the ease at which the treatment was implemented, Evans chose to purchase her own leeches and continue treatment at home. As each of her leeches finished their job, she would drop them in a jar of alcohol to kill them, ensuring that a fresh leech was used each time.

Nina claims that after a month, her energy returned and she started feeling better than she had in a long time. After 8 months she missed her first period in many years. Wondering if it could be the onset of menopause, she took a pregnancy test and found she was with child.

“I was thrilled. The leeches had helped me fall pregnant. I didn’t want to change my routine, so as the baby grew in my belly I kept up with the leech treatment desperately worried if I didn’t something terrible might happen.”

Nina claims that not only did the leeches help her to get pregnant, but they work they did also helped her orgasms become more intense than ever before. However, more amazingly, after further inspection, her doctor found that all but one of the cancerous fibroids were completely missing from her body.

[Image via SeDMI/Shutterstock]