Iron Maiden Private Jet Crashes Into A Truck And Injures Two People

Iron Maiden’s private plane crashed into a tow truck at an airport in Chile. According to CNN, two airport workers were hurt as a result of the crash. It also caused major damage to the plane, which is called Ed Force one by Iron Maiden and their fans.

CNN reports that the Iron Maiden plane was tied to the tow truck at the Santiago International Airport and was being refueled and moved to get it ready for its next flight.

“On moving, the steering pin that is part of the mechanism that connects the ground tug to the aircraft seemingly fell out,” the heavy metal band said about the incident via its website. “On making a turn, the aircraft had no steering and collided with the ground tug, badly damaging the undercarriage, two of the aircraft’s engines and injuring two ground tug operators.”

None of the members of the band were on the plane. According to the update on the Iron Maiden website, the injured airport workers are in hospital in stable condition and “will make a complete recovery.”

Ed Force One will need lots of repairs, though, and will probably also need two new engines. Although the plane needs extensive repairs, Iron Maiden has assured fans that there won’t be a disruption to their South American tour.

The band’s next gig is in Argentina on Sunday.

“We expect no disruption to the tour in any way and are looking for a replacement 747 Ed Force One while our current beauty is healed,” the statement on the website said.

The first date of the tour, called The Book Of Souls tour, was held in at Florida’s BB&T Center on February 15.

According to the Daily Mail, Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson, 57, flies the plane.

Dickinson trained on a simulator at Cardiff Aviation for a licence to fly the massive Boeing 747-400, which transports the London-based heavy metal band, their roadies, technicians, and their million-dollar equipment.

The Daily Mail reports that the jet is double the size and triple the weight of the Boeing 757 used on Iron Maiden’s past tours in 2008, 2009, and 2011.

Widely considered one of the most successful heavy metal bands in history, Iron Maiden has sold close to 90 million albums worldwide.

According to the Ultimate Classic Rock website, Ed Force One first took off from Cardiff, Wales, on Thursday, in February. This was lead singer Bruce Dickinson’s first time piloting the 747.

“It was excellent. Nine hours across the pond and my first landing in a 747. So, hey, what’s not to love?” Dickinson said of the experience.

Experts called his landing of the 747 “flawless.” Here’s what Bruce Dickinson had to say when he heard that.

“Just had my eyes shut, you know? The airplane does it on its own.”

Dickinson previously flew Iron Maiden’s 757 jet, but he claimed that the production on the Book of Souls tour is larger so they need a bigger plane.

“The [757] is just not big enough for what we’ve got in mind in terms of a show,” Dickinson said when they acquired Ed Force One. “So what we’ve got on board at the moment is the stage show […] In fact, we’ll be spending tomorrow, basically, putting all the gear together and making sure it fits. Everything we need will be on the airplane, and all the technicians and baggage and everything else. We’re going all around the world.”

[Photo by Kevin Walter/ Getty Images]