Julianne Hough And Brother Derek Hough Post Beautiful Tributes To Grandfather ‘Bubble-Head’ Bob Hough Who Died Saturday

Julianne Hough and her brother Derek Hough have lost their beloved grandfather.

The Dancing with the Star siblings each posted an announcement to their Instagram accounts that their grandfather, Bob Hough, had passed away on Saturday.

Julianne, 27, posted a note alongside a picture of herself and Bob both dressed in Dodgers jerseys, smiling sweetly at each other.

“There was never any doubt how much you loved your family grandpa! You exuded love and light!!”

Julianne Hough said the things that she will treasure most about her grandfather are the times he taught her how to fish off the dock of the family’s lake house, when he flipped her over his knees, and when he drove a boat as she learned to water ski.

“You let me beat you-sometimes- at ping pong, but my favorite was when we danced! Your soft wrinkled skin when you kissed and hugged me is the warmest and safest place I know.”

Julianne and Derek Hough often posted pics of their family time at their lake house, and it is obviously a place where they love to spend time with loved ones.

“I know grandma nearly killed you when you took a leap of faith and bought the lake place back in the day even when you probably couldn’t afford it, but you created a legacy for generations of your family and forever changed all of our lives!”

Julianne noted that “the foundation” of their family was their grandfather.

“Your spirit, your love, your compassion, your talent, your kindness, your dance moves, your charm, your stubbornness, and again your love is all so undeniable! I miss you already, but the memories are beyond anything I could’ve dreamed to have! You are a wonderful man grandpa and I love you to the moon and back! I’ll see you again papa! #familiesareforever”

Her brother Derek Hough posted a beautiful portrait of his grandfather looking happy and well, apparently at their beloved lake house.

“Heaven received another angel today. Many years ago this man purchased a little place on a lake that has now become one of the most special places for my family. The memories created there and that will continue to be created all started from this beautiful man taking a leap of faith. It brought our families together, and reminds us what is truly important. Family.”

Derek also spoke of the foundation of faith that his father imparted on the entire Hough clan.

“His beliefs and constant faith was inspiring. I’ll never forget playing basketball with him, teaching me the hook shot. Or finding my baseball in the rain gutter 10 years after I lost it. Taught me how to play ping pong and only a couple of months ago still could beat me. Introducing me to the Everly Brothers. Every one knew “Bubble head Bob” in town. He was greatly admired and respected. Not just for what he did for the community but for the person he was. He has built a beautiful legacy that will live on forever and I am beyond grateful and proud to be his grandson. #family #granpahough #legacy”

Neither sibling mentioned the cause of death, but that is likely of little importance to them. What seems important is the legacy of love, faith, and family that the Hough patriarch imparted to his family.

Sending sincerest condolences to Julianne and Derek Hough.

[Image via Instagram/Julianne Hough]