Louis Walsh's Latest Attack On One Direction Is Just Plain Tiresome

Former X-Factor judge Louis Walsh has launched yet another attack on One Direction. Walsh seems to be a real downer for One Direction as he has attacked them for one reason or another on numerous occasions since he lost his job at the failing reality TV show. Back in September it was reported in The Inquisitr how Walsh attacked both Louis Tomlinson and One Direction. At the time, the One Direction singer was being lined up to make a guest appearance during the judges house stage of the last season of X-Factor. Walsh piped up claiming that using the One Direction star on the show would be a mistake.

According to the Mirror, Walsh claimed that Tomlinson was "the least popular member of One Direction, a comment that was sure to have raised the hackles of many a One Direction fan.

In recent weeks there has been much speculation that either Walsh or Tomlinson will replace Harry Styles' pal Nick Grimshaw on what will be a make or break season for X-Factor. It may be that Walsh is doing all he can to raise his profile at present in the hope of convincing Simon Cowell to give him a place back on the show. Many suspect that Walsh would not be above throwing shade at One Direction if he thought that it might boost his chances of a lucrative new contract.

Walsh certainly seems to have plenty to say about One Direction as Digital Spy reports that Louis believes that One Direction's success has little to do with talent. Instead Walsh claims that One Direction, who are arguably the world's biggest band, simply "lucked out."
"I wasn't their manager, so I didn't care. [One Direction] are the five luckiest guys in the world. Picked from obscurity, put together - Simon made them into what they were. He'll just need to get five more."
With comments like that it seems that Walsh may have forgotten the concept behind X-Factor. According to Unreality TV Walsh even went on to claim that One Direction would be difficult to work with. Walsh claims that bands are easy to manage for the first year or so but when they achieve the level of fame and fortune that One Direction enjoy it gets much more difficult.
"[When] they become famous it gets out of control because they think they're in charge. It's instant fame for a lot of these bands. They're given these great songs, there are screaming girls wherever they go, they're in a bubble. They're young and have overnight success."

"What happened with One Direction was amazing. Take That and Westlife are more grounded because they're older and have seen bands come and go."

Walsh seems to have missed the fact that One Direction have had five huge hit albums, won numerous industry awards, and had one of the highest grossing tours in history in 2014. One Direction may have struck lucky when they were selected to form the group back in 2010, but what has happened since then is down to much more than luck.
Walsh ignores the fact that when One Direction were formed they were simply five lads with a dream. Harry Styles, the youngest member was just 16-years-old. Of course One Direction would be easy to manage at that stage, they were young, naive, and learning the music business.

Since then the members of One Direction have had a lot of growing up to do, most of it in the glare of publicity. The boys have matured, learned their craft, and One Direction now write much of their own material. Put simply, One Direction is a very different group to the one that Walsh knew when they were on X-Factor.

It seems that One Direction have moved on, but Louis Walsh seems to be stuck in the past. Walsh continually compares One Direction to Westlife and Take That thereby proving that he is still living in the 1990's. One Direction are very much a twenty-first century phenomenon.

Perhaps living in the 1990's means that Louis Walsh is totally unqualified to make any comment about One Direction.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]