Bernie Sanders Set To Take Florida As Thousands Gather At Rallies Across State

When Bernie Sanders won the Michigan primary over Hillary Clinton, many were completely and totally shocked. As Clinton was once the clear favorite for the Democratic nomination, she now is no longer seen as a sure thing. That win in Michigan is one that many believe has given Sanders the momentum he needs to keep pressing harder. Now, he is poised to take the Florida primary on Tuesday, and the thousands showing up at his state rallies stand behind him.

The NY Times is reporting that the Michigan win is being seen by Bernie Sanders as a “springboard to the nomination,” and it very well could be. Winning Ohio and Florida could easily see Bernie Sanders move into the leader spot for the Democratic nomination, and honestly take this whole thing.

“We are heading to the Midwest. We are going to Ohio. We are going to Illinois, going to Missouri, drop into North Carolina. These states in the Midwest are going to respond to us and our message i the same way Michigan workers did, and that is, ‘We need an economy that works for all of us and not just the one percent. We need a trade policy that creates jobs in America, not in China or in Mexico.’”

On Tuesday, Ohio will be just one of five states that the Sanders’ campaign is attempting to win. That number includes Florida as well, and Sanders feels that if his supporters and followers attending the rallies merely show up to vote, they are “going to pull off another upset.”

The absolutely huge turnouts for Sanders’ rallies in Florida can’t be denied. While the rallies are one thing and his support is currently huge, he needs those voters to head to the Florida polls on Tuesday and give their backing in the form of votes.

That Michigan win is truly doing wonders for his popularity, though, and it’s showing in Florida. As reported by the New York Times, many are turning out in Florida and they didn’t even know who Bernie Sanders was just months ago.

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22-year-old Gemma Galvez is a graduate student at the University of Florida has a lot of confidence in Bernie Sanders and she’s only just come to know him.

“I know people keep telling us that we shouldn’t expect too much, but I feel really, really good. I think he has excellent momentum considering I had no idea who Bernie Sanders was last year.”

This week, what’s seen as “Super Tuesday 2” is taking place, and it is rightfully called that on account of how important it is.

On Thursday night, Bernie Sanders was in Tampa as the rounds of Florida rallies continued. Not only was there another huge crowd as reported by Fox 13 News, but Sanders went as far as predicting a win in Florida’s primary.

Confidence is a good thing, and right now, Sanders has every right in the world to have it. He is currently looking at big deficits in early Florida polls, but the same thing happened in Michigan and pulled off the upset win over Hillary Clinton.

He’s wining voters left and right, and his campaign ads are put together very well to help him do just that.

As of Friday, Clinton still owned a large delegate lead and many experts believe that will take her to the nomination in the long run. Still, momentum can be huge in political elections and Bernie Sanders is seeing a hot streak at the perfect time.

With a large deficit in the polls right now, Bernie Sanders has a lot of work to do if he’s going to win Florida and pull off yet another upset against Hillary Clinton like what happened in Michigan. Still, Sanders’ supporters are showing up at his rallies by the thousands, and if he can get the same type of turnout at the polls to vote for him on Tuesday, then the Sunshine State could be his.

[Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images]