Barack Obama: Donald Trump Steaks, Wine Mocked By President [Video]

President Barack Obama isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to Donald Trump. But rather than treat the GOP front-runner and former reality TV star as a political rival, he’s treating Donald Trump as a mockery. On March 11, President Obama took the opportunity to comment on some of Donald Trump’s business ventures, including his steaks and his wine. Obama definitely didn’t seem impressed with what Trump has to offer, either.

As reported by ABC News, Barack Obama couldn’t suppress his smile and could barely contain his laughter as he lit into some of Donald Trump’s business ventures. The critique came after Trump used a news conference touting his primary victories last Tuesday to sell some of his products, including Trump steaks and Trump wine.

Check out Barack Obama’s words, and barely-restrained jubilation as he mocked Donald Trump.

Barack Obama’s words came from the podium of a DNC fundraiser in Austin, Texas. His segue into the Donald Trump mockery? President Obama was was touting his own accomplishments during his two terms as Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

“Imagine what Trump would say if he had this record. Instead of selling steaks!”

Barack Obama went on to talk about Donald Trump’s wine, something the former reality TV star bragged about extensively during his “victory speech” last Tuesday. Rather than bragging about the vineyards like Trump, though, Obama had a question for the DNC fundraiser attendees. Namely, he wanted to know if anybody among the crowd had “tried that wine?”

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From the look and sound of things, as Barack Obama couldn’t suppress a smile and could barely contain his laughter, he thought there was something cheap about a U.S. presidential candidate using his political platform to hawk his wares.

Especially when that candidate uses his podium time to sell “successful companies” and products that are no longer viable or even exist. Really Donald? It seems so, as the majority of the products Donald Trump bragged about on March 8 are no longer in production and/or available, reports ABC News.

According to the media outlet, most of the products that were on display (yep, Donald Trump surrounded himself with piles of steaks, stacks of water and bottles of wine during his victory-speech-turned-infomercial) aren’t currently in production, were never affiliated with Donald Trump, or were never for public sale.

The Donald Trump steaks, for example, have “sold out.” Not only that, those steaks that were piled high on the stage with Trump appeared to be made by somebody else’s company. Some were still wrapped in plastic, and that plastic wrap bore the name of a Florida company, Bush Brothers. While the company does provide steaks for some of Donald Trump’s clubs in the state, the company is not affiliated with Trump Steaks. When the company’s manager was asked why Trump would use their products as examples of his products, he responded, “I don’t know anything about that.”

The Sharper Image and QVC, both outlets that sold Trump Steaks currently list those products as being “sold out,” and there’s no word regarding whether they will ever be available again, or even if they were ever available after the 2010 relaunch of the company.

Trump Products
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The Trump Water? Turns out that gem is only available on Donald Trump’s properties.

The Trump Winery is still fully operational. However, there’s a catch. According to the website, Trump’s son Eric is the president of the vineyards. The website even includes a disclaimer disavowing a connection with Donald Trump.

“Trump Winery is a registered trade name of Eric Trump Wine Manufacturing LLC, which is not owned, managed or affiliated with Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization or any of their affiliates.”

Clearly, Barack Obama was onto something when he pulled no punches about Donald Trump’s businesses, but the president didn’t stop there. During his DNC speech, he also mocked “establishment Republicans” for their purported shock regarding Trump’s stances on immigrants.

“How could you be shocked? This was the guy who was sure I was born in Kenya. As long as it was being directed at me they were fine with it.”

President Obama rounded out his trouncing of Donald Trump by once again telling Republicans that that rise of The Donald lies, at least partially, on the shoulders of the Republican party.

“The reaction is something they have to take responsibility for and then make an adjustment. We need to conduct ourselves with civility and principle.”

It’s still too soon to tell whether or not Donald Trump’s campaign will be adversely impacted by his show of salesmanship or Barack Obama’s laughing mockery.

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