‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Negan’s Arrival In Season 6 Finale Does Not End On A Happy Note

The Walking Dead fans are antsy to finally see Negan. He’s the TWD villain from the comic books that we’ve been waiting over a year to finally meet on-screen. Robert Kirkman has warned that Negan is a bad man and many are looking back at previous TWD villains and thinking “How bad can he be?” The answer to that is real bad. Negan has been touted the best TV villain ever, and he hasn’t even been seen on-screen yet.

Despite multiple teases, it’s looking like Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, won’t be seen on The Walking Dead until the finale on April 3. According to Moviepilot, the final episode of Season 6 will be called “Something to Fear.” It looks like Negan is really going to give Rick and the survivors something to fear when he finally does catch up with the group.

Based on the synopsis for Episode 15 titled “East,” Rick’s group is going to lose a member when one of them goes missing. They will send out search parties looking for the missing person, and instead it’s safe to say they find Negan. Keep in mind that Negan is pretty angry at Rick right now and after the attack on his compound and the deaths of so many Saviors, he’s going to want revenge.

The synopsis for the Season 6, Episode 16 finale says, “In the aftermath of a tragic blow, Eugene falls captured by Dwight, a member of the Saviors, who are hell-bent on getting even with Alexandria, Negan teaches Rick and company a brutal lesson, which shows that Rick and company finally have something to fear.”

In the comic books, the first person to die as a result of Negan’s orders is Abraham. We’ve known this for a while, but now it looks like the timing is coming and there’s a pretty good chance that Abraham will take the same arrow in The Walking Dead on AMC as he does in the comic books. Abraham’s death is Negan’s payback for all that Rick and his group have been doing to Negan. After Abraham dies, Dwight will take Eugene hostage. If that plays out in the TWD finale, it’s a setup for a much bigger death.

Negan got revenge by taking out one of Rick’s best soldiers. Now he wants to teach Rick a lesson. Remember that Robert Kirkman and others have been talking about just how violent Negan is for a year now at least. In the comic books, the lesson is taught when Negan catches Rick and his friends on a trip to the Hilltop. That’s when he lines them all up and chooses which Alexandria citizen to kill.

In the comics, we know that Negan chooses Glenn to kill in front of Rick and his group in a scene that closely resembles the one before Terminus fell. Remember the foreshadowing when Glenn was bent over the trough, next in line to get hit with a bat? That was definitely an Easter egg for fans of the TWD comics.

There has been a lot of argument over whether or not Glenn will die in the Season 6 finale. We know it’s going to be someone big and there has been talk that Daryl might take Glenn’s place. Of course, we won’t really know exactly who will die at the hands of Negan and his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat that he calls Lucille until the day it happens unless the information is leaked from the set.

According to information on The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page, it won’t be Carol who dies after getting hit with Lucille and it probably won’t be Morgan either. Despite both of their deaths being teased, neither Carol or Morgan were reportedly at the filming of the scene where Lucille is used to kill someone from Rick’s group.

Who do you think Negan is going to kill in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead? It doesn’t matter who he picks, The Walking Dead is going to end in a shocking death, giving Rick a huge reason to battle with Negan until only one of them is left standing. Their hatred of each other will likely carry on through Season 7 and possibly beyond. Don’t show up for the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead thinking there will be resolution or that Alexandria might even come out on top this time. Actually, it would be better for TWD fans to prepare for months of waiting for Season 7 to begin so that fans can see how Rick and his group plan to get back at Negan for killing someone major from Rick’s group in the most gruesome way.

With just three episodes left until the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, get ready for a thrill ride to the end. After we finally find out who Negan is going to kill in the last episode, fans are going to be upset despite all the warnings. There will be several long months to wait until Season 7 starts and TWD fans can wish for revenge on Negan and see how the upcoming major deaths affect the rest of Rick’s groups of survivors in Alexandria.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]